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Do I need a landline to get FIOS Broadband/TV?

Do I need a landline to get FIOS Broadband/TV?

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Two Questions:


1. I have been using the Tmobile@Home VOIP as my landline telephone for the past 13 months. I'm moving to a new house in a couple of weeks. The new house already has FIOS installed as the current owners have the service.


I heard from someone that if you don't have a Verizon landline then you get charged an extra fee. Is that true? If so, what is the fee? 


I'm not overly thrilled with the Tmobile@Home service and it's only $10 per month (that's the best part about it) so if I had to I could just get the 'Triple Play' deal and cancel the TMobile@Home service in another 10 months when my contract expires with them, but I'd rather not. Are there any downsides to not having the Verizon FIOS telephone service? I may get it anyway due to the free netbook deal and my dissatisfaction with the Tmobile@Home service, but I'm 99% sure that the problem with my @Home service is related to Comcast and not Tmobile, and it's awfully cheap at $10 per month.


2. I use Windows 7 RC (build 7100) as my primary operating system. Will this be an issue for the FIOS install? I don't care if they officially 'support' it (I doubt they do) - I just don't want the installer wasting everyone's time by refusing to set it up on a Win 7 PC.


I currently use Comcast (and am not a big fan) broadband and don't have any of their crap software installed on my PC and would prefer to not have anything from Verizon on my PC either. According to the installation movie they say that they have to install software on the primary PC. What is that software and is it really necessary? 


One more question related: I assume they leave a copy of this required software on CD so that, in the event of a new PC or a format/reinstall of OS, the software can be reinstalled?


Thanks in advance!


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1. You do not need a Verizon phone line.  Thye do have speacial deals for "Triple Play" bundles, but there is no fee for not having a phone line. Plenty of peope use FIOS for Internet only and use satellite for TV and Vonage etc for VOIP.


2.  You can use Win 7, Linux, Mac OS X, whatever.....  They do have software you can install, but you certainly don't have to.


Most likely, they will install an Actiontec NAT router (wired ports and WiFi). Your Windows 7 Machine will simpyl grab an IP address via DHCP. 


In short, don't install any software.

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Thanks Ray - that was exactly the answer I was hoping for. I've never found any use/positive reason to use ISP software and it's good to know I don't need to install their stuff.


One other question - 


Is the router 802.11G or 802.11N?

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If it is the Actiontec they gave me, it will be 802.11g and 8011.b, but not 802.11n.


Also, by default it will only run WEP (very insecure), and the WEP key itself will be the MAC address of the router (even more insecure since the MAC address is freely sniffable).


In other words, you need to switch it to WPA2 and change the password.



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Thanks Ray!


Actiontec eh? Never heard of em. Just looked online and apparently these Actiontec's include the modem and the router all in the same box. We'll see : )


Thanks again!


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The Actiontec device is actually a router, a (very basic) firewall, a MOCA bridge, and a FIOS adapter (basically liek a FIOS modem, although it technically does not modulate/demodulate the way a traditional modem does) all in one. It has 4 wired ports and handles up to 254 wireless clients.


On the side of your house is an ONT (the big beige box where the fiber terminates) They will run either COAX or Cat-5 to the Actiontec, then the Actiontec will  speak via MOCA to the set top boxes and CAT 5 or wireless to the laptops/ desktops/ etc.


You will find a lot of people on this forum who say if given the choice, have them connect the ONT to the Actiontec via CAT5 (twisted pair) rather than MOCA (Coax).  I am not sure what the difference really is, but I went ahead and had Cat 5 ran to mine since the installer didn't mind doing it. 


When you get your Actiontec, please be sure to do the following:


1. Change the default password and login for admin usage. This is essential.  

2. Consider changing it from WEP to WPA or WPA2. (This is personal preference, but if you are going to use WEP at the VERY minimum please change the key!) 

3. Check the diagnostics to insure you can reach all machines etc. 






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