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Emerson HDTV

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I have inadvertently purchased a television that will not work with any of the known existing codes......


Is there ANYONE out there who has had a similar problem?......Any suggestions......?


ANY help would be great!!!


No one at Verizon Tech support or anywhere else has helped!!!


With the old basic box connected, the TV allowed the box to control the overall volume...NO PROBLEM!!


With the new "UPGRADE" to a DVR,  the TV will not allow the DVR any control over volume.


I am really bummed that either we have to carry one remote from room to room, or I will have to buy


yet another $150.00 MX-80 Universal Remote, the ONLY universal remote on planet earth that is


able to control the BASIC set top box, DVR set top box and TV!!!


Help ?????

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@jlbyrd wrote:

... or I will have to buy


yet another $150.00 MX-80 Universal Remote, the ONLY universal remote on planet earth that is


able to control the BASIC set top box, DVR set top box and TV!!!


Help ?????

In general, my expereince has been that Cable company-provided remotes are average, at best, and the FIOS remote is among the weaker of the bunch.  HOWEVER, there are LOTS of universal remotes out there that can meet your needs besides the MX-80.  There are any number of remotes in the $15-40 range manufactured by UEIC (One-for-All remotes, and Radio Shack remotes) that are fully capable of handling those three devices.  Even if the codes are not built in, if you get a learning remote, you're golden.

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Several Harmony remotes are on sale now at Amazon. The 880 and the 670 are excellent remotes and will work your STB, TV and about anything else you want them too!
Joe was here
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I have a Memorex HDTV and there were no codes listed for that brand from FIOS either.  However, I did the "Code Search" feature on the FIOS remote and was able to get the remote to work with my tv.  Be patient though because it took about 5 minutes of pressing the button until it found the code...hope that helps.
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Well you have several things you can try.


First, the verizon remote can be programed to your tv and allow your tv to control the volume.  Now I may not be understanding your post correctly but I think that you want the STB to control volume so you can use the remote in multiple rooms.



Now by default the verizon remote volume controls are set from the factory to control the TV not the cable box. But you can program the remote volume buttons to control the STB instead. This is what I think your after. To do this read these instructions from the remote manual




VOL+, VOL- and Mute always control the TV volume even when you are in STB or DVD modes. (However, the Volume Keys will always control the AUX device when in AUX mode.) This is the way most people will want the remote to work. However, you can change how the Volume Keys work.

If you always want the Volume Keys to control the AUX device …

Some people may want to always adjust the volume using their AUX device (typically a home theater receiver) regardless of the mode they are in.

1. Press and hold the STB key. 2. While holding down the STB key, press OK.

3. Release both keys. The Device Keys will blink twice.

4. Press 9 - 5 - 5. The STB key will blink twice.

5. Press AUX. The AUX key will blink 3 times to indicate success in programming.

Note: To return to controlling the volume via the TV, press TV in step 5. If you want to control the volume through any device (by pressing a Device Key, then a Volume Key), press OK in step 5. This will also control the volume of your STB in STB mode.





Now this will not help with turning the power on and off on the tv or anything else, this is simply a way to tell the remote to do the volume on the stb.


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