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Error 9-6-23-802-999 on Verizon Fios TV app for iphone

Error 9-6-23-802-999 on Verizon Fios TV app for iphone

Contributor darkis
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Registered: ‎10-22-2018
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I have been trying to use the app for the iPhone on my Xs Max but it keeps giving me the error 9-6-23-802-999 whenever I try to watch live tv. I have also seen an error 9-6-23-824-999 a couple times but the first error is the one I receive nearly all the time. 

Contributor JBacon5741
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Registered: ‎10-25-2018
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I am gaving a similar problem with me new Xs Max but the error code I'm getting is 9-6-24-802-999

Copper Contributor Frustrated_User
Copper Contributor
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Has anyone found a fix for this?

I am getting the error code of 9-6-24-802-999 and can't stream at home or away from home

Contributor Bahgee
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Registered: ‎11-17-2018
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I had the same issue. Found out it was because I was using the WiFi network from my Orbi router and not the Verizon router. Once I shut off the Orbi, and went back to the Verizon router WiFi it worked again. So if you are using the WiFi from a mesh router or anything other than the Verizon router, that may be the issue. 

Contributor Bahgee
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Registered: ‎11-17-2018
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Well that didn’t last long!  It stopped working again no matter which WiFi I am on. Folllowing a post on another page, I rebooted my DVR and reinstalled the app and now it works again. Go figure!

Contributor dcbluesplayer
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Registered: ‎01-28-2012
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The idioicy of this service with Verizon is that they say they only support wifi within in 10 feet of their router - where you could actually use a cable.. Since their router has a terrible signal, you are forced to use another device to boost the sign, then they tell you they don't support it, then when it has sporadic issue, the problem is always your hardware. 

Copper Contributor radiocynic1
Copper Contributor
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This app is simply ridiculous. I regularly have these problems even if I sometimes AM within a few feet of the router.  My most recent error codes, fwiw, were 9-6-33-306-999 and 9-6-33-806-130.  Often, though, it simply locks up without an error code.  (Running this on an Amazon Fire HD tablet, but have the same problems running it on my LG V10 phone.)


Whenever attempting to stream live TV, it regularly locks up with the spinning circle.  Sometimes closing the app and reopening fixes it, but only temporarily.  Often rebooting the entire tablet is required, even for one of those temporary fixes.  But it'll always eventually lock up again.


Even more annoyingly, it regularly forces me to log in again when I was already logged in.  Ridiculously cumbersome, especially since I'm the only one using this device.  Can't think of any logical reason why this should ever be required.


Are there Verizon techs on these forums?  Are there any answers or suggestions to make this a workable app?  All I need is to watch live tv, usually on the same 5 channels or so.  Doesn't seem like a lot to ask.

Moderator Moderator
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