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FIOS A Big Disappointment

FIOS A Big Disappointment

Contributor TheMrsandMe
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Registered: ‎03-03-2013
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I have had FIOS for approx 2 years now. It was a big mistake switching from Cable to FIOS. Let me outline some problems here:

Not as may programs for the price.

VOD does not have a large variety of on demand choices for the Premium Channels. (ie. The Sopranos) not even on VOD. 

Terrible Internet interrupt disconnections.

Router problem, then finally replacing Router only to have another assortment of problems.

After the tech advisor reset TV options, my new TV resorted back to the factory default settings.

I have two TVs with FIOS, since the new Router I have tried to watch VOD for TCM and HBO and each time the movie stopped running and was lost mid movie. Try to attempt to sift through the GUIDE again to search for the movie I lost is annoying in itself only to try again and BAM, stuck and lost again.

How many times do I have to go to the internet to resest my top box set????????


Would I reccomment FIOS to anyone, no. I am now off to the Verizon Media Manager in an attempt to reset my top box AGAIN so I could search for the HBO docu I was trying to view a 1/2 hour ago.


I know FIOS will not post this, but I hope they get the message.



Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Well Verizon did post this.  You never asked for any help instead you just complain so why is that Verizon's fault?  There are many of us happy with FIOS although it is not perfect certainly it's far better then my local cable company.  Goodbye and enjoy your poor quaily compressed picture  from your local cable company.  The rest of us will enjoy our uncompressed picture quailty.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Not as many programs for the price? I switched about three months ago from TWC, pay 50$ less per month and not only get more channels, but the quality is tremendously better. No more blocks or stutter. On Demand finally works, although I do not use it that often. Never worked with TWC until moon phase, tide, and time of day were perfectly aligned.

I did have issues with the Verizon router, but upon request I was sent a replacement at no cost. Since then service is rock solid and way faster than TWC's no matter what time of day.

Yes, it does not help you if everything works fine for me, but with that many issues I would have escalated it more. Did you do that? Also, with that many issues I would have told Verizon to forget about the cancellation fee and cancelled the contract. Not sure why you kept it for two years and now start complaining about the problems in the forums.

What is left to do on your end is to ditch Verizon and go with cable. If they provide better service and make you happy, all is well.

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