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FIOS DVR External Hard Drive

FIOS DVR External Hard Drive

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I have attached an esata external hard dirve to my motorola FIOS DVR.  I have connected an external esata hard drive, connect the computer and downloaded new software.  The dvr says it has updated and that the esata port is available for external hard drive usage.

How can I dtermine that the DVR "sees" the new external hard drive?

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Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with the e-sata drive. When the drive gets plugged into a computer first, it will format it to a computer file format. This not allow the drive to work in the DVR. Please format the drive while plugged into the DVR you are going to be using. There is a format option in the DVR menu for the external drive. If you are still having troubles after doing this, please send me a private message.


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Has anyone had any luck in using a generic e-sata drive?  I recently upgraded to the new motorola DVR (QIP7237-P2) and pluged in an e-sata drive I had. I went through the process of adding the drive and the STB saw it was there but I don't think its using it.

Storage space is the same and I never saw the drive format on the STB and there is not an option to format or eject in the DVR menu.


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I purchased a Western Digital DVR expander that is supposed to be compatible with my Verizon-provided Motorola DVR.  However the WD-provided cable has eSata connectors on both ends and the DVR has only a USB connection.  Western Digital says they do not have a cable that will work.  So, should I send the DVR expander back or get another cable?  If another cable, what should I get?

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I discovered the solution to my problem.  The eSATA port is hidden beneath the power plug on the rear of the DVR and I didn't see it when I first tried to connect the expander.  My expander is now connected with the eSATA cable and is working fine.  First thing I recorded was NFL replay of Green Bay's win over San Diego.  Go Green Bay!!  If Big Ben and Pittsburgh get it together we can have a Super Bowl rematch.

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I am using a Fantom GreenDrive 2TB eSATA drive for my external storage.  No problems.  It would appear that just about any eSATA drive as long as it  supports the up to 1500 Mbit/s eSATA interface spec will work.

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Does anyone know if 3TB drives work?  I see 2TB drives seem to be OK.

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Oops, Andrew figured it out. Smiley Very Happy
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I have a Samsung tv that has media player capabilities. I bought a 2TB USB drive and loaded all of my movie files ( AVI and MP4 file types) and it operates as a DVR playback system.

My question is, can I plug this same drive into my FIOS DVR set top box and access my movies through my FIOS DVR system now?


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mxfxdlg wrote:
My question is, can I plug this same drive into my FIOS DVR set top box and access my movies through my FIOS DVR system now?


The simple answer is no.  The external drive and the DVR are "married" and the drive encrypted to prevent piracy (thank the MPAA).  If you plug the drive into the DVR the first thing that will happen is that the DVR will ask if you want the drive formatted.  If you say yes you will lose everything on the drive.  Saying no will leave the drive unattached.

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