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FIOS Quantum performance of the STB's and pixelization of various channels.

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Copper Contributor
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FIOS Quantum performance of the STB's and pixelization of various channels.

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Since upgrading to the Quantum service several months ago, the performance of the STB's has been awful.   Often on various channels there is massive pixelization of the picture.  Also, the picture freezes and I need to reset the main STB to reset the system. 


However, after the main STB DVR reboots, I get the message "Could not set the time to the box" on the screen.   Calls to Verizon support technicians is worthless.  I know more about their system than they do!   They have me go through the mantra of unplugging the power, the COAX connection, reset the router, etc, etc.   I've done this dozens of times, and the "Could not set the time to the box" message continues to appear after the reboot process.   I usually have to leave the main STB DVR unplugged for several hours, then I will get a proper reboot without any error messages.


I can never get an explanation of what is causing this message, the picture freezes, or the pixelization.  Very frustrating!

Can a Moderator or expert Support Forum user, or maybe even a knowledgeable Verizon technician shed any light to help resolve this issue?


I can't be the only one with this problem!   If I am, Verizon PLEASE help me resolve this!   I give your company a lot of money each month... fix the problems!



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Re: FIOS Quantum performance of the STB's and pixelization of various channels.

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Sounds like you have a connectivity problem between ONT and your VMS.

Have you tried repalcing the main splitter?

Quantum uses a higher frequency than what the older STBs do.

I'm not in front of my VMS but under the menus there is a system information screen that shows you the moca rates.
Take a look at that and report what you are getting.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: FIOS Quantum performance of the STB's and pixelization of variousFIOS Quantum has been terrible!

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I'll replace the main splitter today and report back.   Thanks for the suggestion!

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Re: FIOS Quantum performance of the STB's and pixelization of various channels.

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My experience with the so called upgrade to Quantum should put everyone on alert.  If you don't have a neighbor successfully using quantum or if everything doesn't work at the first try, RUN, RUN, RUN, away from Verizon.  After 6 weeks of trying to upgrade, 4 hours of chasing back and forth between every level and TV room of a 3-story house, repeated contacts to Verizon, nobody at their end could get past the script saying but we show you have a multi-roomDVR (MRDVR). Just imagine my reaction when the rep tried to get me to start the floor to floor equipment testing after being asked to verify that they showed quantum service and he acknowledged it didn't show that.  Script for the sake of script.  Try and Try as I might, I got responses of I can't help you, we'll open a research ticket, and but you have  MRDVR on your account.  The research ticket went nowhere and the next rep ignored it's existence.  Try 6 weeks, 10-15 hours of technical diagnostics before they would even answer the question why I was seeing MRDVR rather than quantum on the account display on the TVs.  Our service went down hill because the new boxes lost the pause and rewind for live TV, we paid for the upgrade service charge, got nowhere, and then they had the audacity to say they could send a rep out for a charge when the issue is that from day 1 they had trouble getting the order into the computer not a box or wiring problem at my end.  I'm waiting for a call back from a supervisor but I'm also calling Dish and Direct TV because Verizon can't even set an account at their end even with multiple attempts.  They revert to the script and refused to provide me a higher level contact.  THINK TWICE ABOUT SPENDING MONEY FOR ANYTHING NEW WITH VERIZON UNTIL THEY FIGURE OUT HOW TO RETURN TO PROVIDING SERVICE.  I loved FIOS when it came out, but Verizon has reverted to the crummy customer service they had just before they started investing in service to get people to switch to FIOS.  I can't say CUSTOMER BEWARE enough times.

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