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FIOS TV One - Voice Remote to wrong channel

FIOS TV One - Voice Remote to wrong channel

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I have been experiencing an annoying issue with the new voice remote is FIOS TV One.  Most of the time it detects my voice fine and tunes to the channel I asked for. On occasion, I will ask for a channel and it displays what I said correctly but then it will say "Tuning to Launching Premium Channels".  This is channel 940 in my area.  The annoying part is that this is actually a widget so it takes about 5 seconds to load and then brings me to a screen that allows you to purchase additional premium channels.  For example, I pressed and held in the voice button , then said "CNBC".  Up on the top line of the screen it displayed CNBC which means it understood me but then it brought me to Channel 940, the Premium Channel widget.  I tried again and then it brought me correctly to CNBC.  It seems like the default behavior if it does not know what to do is to bring you to the Premium channel screen.  If it was any other channel I would not mind so much, but because this particular default channel is a widget, you have to sit and wait for it to load.  I thought maybe I could try blocking that channel but it does not come up as a channel you can block.  Not a big problem but just annoying when I am switching back and forth between channels using my voice.  It has happened on all of my STB's with all of my remotes.  Would love to find a way to get it to stop picking that channel when it gets confused.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Update - after experimenting with this I think I found the issue.  When pressing the voice button I would simply say the channel I wanted.  Most of the time it would get it right but often get it wrong and redirect me to the Premium Channel order screen as described in previous post.  I realized that the voice remote is much more accurate if you preceed and channel with "tune to".  So now when I hold in the voice button I would say "Tune to CNBC" instead of just "CNBC".  Using "tune to" is much more accurate. And now if it does not understand me it will say "unable to execute the command" and leave me on the current channel instead of redirecting me to the annoying "Premium Channels" order screen.

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This problem just started happening for me - actually 2 seemingly related problems began happening yesterday.  The local NBC station in my area is on channel 10 (SD) and 510 (HD).  I've always been able to say "Chennel 10" and the voice remote would go to the channel.  I have my settings configure to automatically go to the HD channel.  Yesterday though, when I said channel 10, it went to channel 514 instead of 510.  Soon thereafter, I noticed that 510 was no longer on my favorites too.  I tried rebooting the box and this solved the favorites issue, but the voice remote still goes to 514 instead of 510.  I tried re-pairing the remote too.  That didn't work.


In general, the voice remote has some issues.  Unless I say the channel number, the remote only gets the channel right for certain stations.  For example, it recognizes what I want when I say TCM or Turner Classic Movies, but it never recognizes MeTV.  If I say NBC, it tunes to NBC Sports, not my local NBC station.  Even if I say the call letters of my local station, WBTS Boston, if doesn't recognize it.


Verizon should publish a list of the voice commands to use for each channel.


Also, the new "last channel" sucks.  I now have to press 2 buttons instead of 1 to return to the last channel.  Sorry for this last bit - needed to vent.

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