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FIOS remote code for Dynex TV

FIOS remote code for Dynex TV

Nickel Contributor
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I have a "Dynex TV" that I am trying to program to use the FIOS remote control. Dynex isn't listed on the remote control codes list and I tried calling Dynex but got not help.


Does anyone know what code I need to use with the FIOS remote to control a Dynex TV?

Copper Contributor
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Try '0463' for the cod.

Nickel Contributor
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Just tried it. Doesn't work.

Copper Contributor
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Sorry the code didn't work.  I got it from the Dynex website. That is the code it said to use for a Motorola box remote.  You might have to use the code search feature.
Nickel Contributor
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I need a FIOS TV remote control  code that works with my Dynex TV and not my motorola box. Motorola box works fine with the remote.
Copper Contributor
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there is no code for dynex. this is the procedure to manually search for code right from verizon website:


Searching for a Device Code

  1. Turn on the device you want to program into your remote, for example if you are programming your remote to control your TV, then turn on the TV.

  2. Press and hold the device button for the device you turned on in step 1 (DVD, AUX, TV, STB) and press OK. Release both buttons.

    The mode buttons blink twice.

  3. Press 922.

  4. Point the remote control toward the device you are setting up and press the upper part of the Play button.

  5. Press the Fast Forward button. If the device you are setting up does not turn off, keep pressing the Fast Forward button until the device powers off. (You can use the Rewind button to go back, if necessary.)

  6. When the device powers off then you've found the correct code for that device. Press OK to assign the code in your remote control.

    There are over 200 possible combinations for TV and DVD codes. The most common codes are tried first but you may still need to press the Fast Forward or Rewind buttons over 200 times to find the correct code for your device.

    If you reach the end of the list of codes, the entire remote flashes twice and returns to normal operation. You can exit programming at any time by pressing the Exit button.
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Hey Fiostvman,


Try "Admiral" code 0490


I just was searching for a code for Dynex TV's and found this on a page.. let me know if it works

Verizon Telecom
Fiber Solutions Center

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Nickel Contributor
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Perfect. That's the code.  It was a pain living without a code for the past 7 months.


You guys are the best.



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Use remote code 1490 and it's perfect. Dynex uses ORION TV remote codes.
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