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Copper Contributor Seagal
Copper Contributor
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I set my favorites, go back and look at them, a lot of the channels are not there? I can't get past this. What's up?


Also, after I set my favorites, how do I get my favorites to be on the guide when I press the guide button. Right now I have to press 2 or 3  buttons to get to my favorites each time I press guide. I had this on Direct TV. This is a show stopper for me if it isn't capable.

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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You should be able to set the "flip by" favorites list by pressing the favorites button (the heart button) on the remote while viewing TV (not the guide).  The favorite list in effect should be shown on the top right side of the screen.  You should be able to cycle through all channels (sounds like this is what yours is set to show), Favorite 1 and then Favorite 2.  The guide should also reflect this choise when you show it.
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Contributor jakendaisy
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I've had the same problems.  I know how the favorites button used to work, and how it's supposed to work now.  Why do all these crappy channels like HSN, QVC, Cartoon channels keep showing up in my favorites, and half of my favorites disappear?  I've reset the favorites numerous times, but they keep re-appearing or disappearing.  This happened after the latest software update, and happens on our HD-DVR box and regular set top boxes.  I've had friends who have called support and they just say it's a known issue.  If it's a known issue, when is it going to be fixed?  The UI of the STB's was bad enough before this, now it's just about useless.
Copper Contributor Patti
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  If I understand you correctly you want to hit one button and have only your favorites on the guide. To set this up: Go to settings, favorite channels, favorites button and check show favorite listings. Now when you hit the favorites button (heart)  a guide with just your favorites comes up. If you hit the normal guide button it will still show all the channels. Also you can still flip by only your favorite channels by going to Flip by favorites and setting  that up there.

  I've rarely had any favorite channels disappear since I started adding them the following way instead of through settings.

1. Hit options button (just above and to the right of heart button) and favorites 1 & 2 show up use arrow keys to navigate and ok to add or remove that channel.Then exit button to quit.  It would be too cumbersome when intially setting up your favs but just to correct a channel here or there it's pretty quick.

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Copper Contributor Seagal
Copper Contributor
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I guess the main thing is when I set my favorites and then hit the fav button(no heart, I must have an older remote), my HD movie channels don't come up, as well as some others, I have not figured out all of the channels, it's the HD movie channels that's most noticeable. And also, when I try to add some of the newer HD channels we received recently to my fav's (which I'm subscribed to all of them) I get the message "Could add channel to favorites. Please try again later."
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