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FiOS Menu color change?

FiOS Menu color change?

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I have a problem. My menu used to be completley blue, along with my guide, but now it has turned silver. Is this an update? Or did my kids hit something on accident? Any help would be appreciated.

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Where are you located (what VHO if you know)?  Several areas have had an update to the guide to version 1.9 which does change the color scheme.

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Is there any way to change the color of the fios TV menu? This sea green is atrocious, and makes things hard to see/read...If they're going to change the menu colors they should either give the option of accepting the color change, or give us the option to change the colors....

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If you are using an HDMI cable hookup, it's probably a handshake problem.  This happens rarely here, but wken it does power down the TV for a second or two and then power the tv back on solves it for me.



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?sea green?


No you cannot current change the colors.


1.8 has one set of colors


1.9 has a revised set.  more a baby blue.



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I have the same thing on my tv.  It just started to look silver two days ago.  I don't like it at all.  I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it, but I hope that verizon changes it soon.

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The guide is horrible it's making me blind trying to read it they at least need a enlarge writing option
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Also my screen colors keep fading to almost black and white HELP. ??????? Is this what I can expect for becoming a customer of fios also some of my shows aren't on demand like sons of arnarchy HELLO
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The menu is really horrid, you cannot read it clearly , at first I said well maybe its my vision , although my vision is 20/20 until my little daughter said to me , Ma what's wrong with the TV menu , I cannot read it . Why have you fixed something that was not broken Please change it back 

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Does anybody actually take a look at these screens before they deploy them?  They are the worst combination of colors that make it hard to read anything.


Wite on light coloers? Comeon - really?  My 6th grader can do a better job.


Hire a UX expert and stop having all the offshore development team folks just banging out new ideas that just don't make any sense.

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