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FiOS TV One VMS4100 Audio Pass Through Only Passing 5.1 Channels

FiOS TV One VMS4100 Audio Pass Through Only Passing 5.1 Channels

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@mtk12002 wrote:
Ok, turns out this problem has been going on for almost 6 months! **bleep**?!

The problem originated with the 4100 series. We were using the receiver to verify the audio output of the boxes, which is always Dolby 5.1 regardless of original source. Look back at some of my posts and you'll see documented proof of the original signal, and the processing being applied by the 4100. Not only is the box converting everything to 5.1, but Dolby Audio compression is being applied regardless of your settings in the menu. The compression settings only apply to the analog audio outside, not the optical or HDMI outs. Like I said, please contact Verizon support directly.

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I was told that a team is working on giving users the flexibility to keep their audio pass through settings as is or opt to up-convert as desired on the 4100 series of devices. The team that is working on this issue says that their is no temporary workaround that can be shared. They say up-convert, but it's really not up-converting as much as it's re-encoding audio. Anyway, I'm going to see about downgrading back to the 1100.
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Got my VMS-1100 on Tuesday and hooked it up. Good to go! Audio pass through is working as it should! Dolby stereo programming is passed through in Dolby stereo and Dolby 5.1 is passed through as Dolby 5.1!
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The following thread mentions some picture quality issues with the older VMS-1100, which my testing has confirmed.  It seems one currently has to pick between surround sound and best picture quality.  



If picture quality is more important to you than having surround sound, then think twice before downgrading to the VMS-1100 from the VMS-4100.

Verizon, can you PLEASE, PLEASE fix the surround sound issue with the VMS-4100 soon?  (so it doesn't drop the center channel, and maybe more troubles)  Many of us want to hear *and* see our FiOS TV content in the high quality that we expected.

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