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FiOS TV One VMS4100 DVR - Modify User Settings

FiOS TV One VMS4100 DVR - Modify User Settings

Contributor AmateurTechguy
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Registered: ‎02-24-2019
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Once you land on advanced audio setting, press the right button of the OK navigation wheel to change to L-PCM.

Contributor AmateurTechguy
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Registered: ‎02-24-2019
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Make sure STB is off first, then turn on power and OK button twice (I did the same thing at first... keeped turning the STB off!!)

Contributor RadagastVA
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Registered: ‎03-04-2019
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I just went through similar issues with my Denon AVR-1909 receiver, when I upgraded from the Verizon Fios VMS-1100 to the new Verizon Fios One VMS-4100 and Fios One Voice Remote.


I was able to enter the diagnostics and user changes menus mentioned in this thread, but did not see any way to defeat the remote's resetting of the input on my receiver, or to change the selected input as needed.  Perhaps I just missed them, but . . . 


As it turns out, every time you power on the VMS-4100 with the Fios One Voice Remote, it resets the source (input) on your receiver (on the Denon, it resets to the default "VCR" source for HDMI 3).  This also "defeats" the "set to last used input" feature of the Denon receiver.  I had (for last decade or so) connected my Verizon STB/DVRs to my receiver via the TV/CBL input (which I reassigned on the receiver to HDMI 3).


The HDMI-CEC settings on the new Fios One Voice Remote apparently messed this up, for me at least.  In fact, you can even turn the Fios One VMS-4100 on and off at the box itself without affecting the input to your receiver (i.e., the input to receiver will stay at the "last used setting" if you turn the receiver and/or STB off and on again).  BUT, if you turn the Fios One STB off/on with the Fios One Voice Remote, it will always reset the input on the receiver (eg, to "VCR" on the Denon AVR-1909).


The solution?  I left HDMI-CEC on, but reassigned the receiver's VCR input source to HDMI 3 (ironically, the receiver's default), renamed that source to Fios One and now all is well.

Contributor MSC9323
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Thanks for suggesting using an old remote with the D button on it.  This was the ONLY way to get into an area for User Settings that can be edited.  Turning of the Power followed by hitting the OK button twice and the left arrow (this is what fios Tech Support had me do a handful of times) only shows details of the configuration.  


Verizon - Please fix this for those that DON'T still have an old remote!

Contributor Bgtoly
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The USER Settings menu can be accessed with the new remote:


1. Power, Ok, Ok 

2. Press the left arrow(as in back)

3. From the BUI Main Menu User settings is the 2nd option

4. Scroll to Additional HDMI settings

5. Change audio output from Auto to L-PCM(when changing you have to press ok to select L-PCM)


6. Done 

Contributor Duck21
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Registered: ‎11-28-2019
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   Just wanted to add that I had the same problem and couldn't get into the User Settings either.  Finnaly got in by pressing the green D button which took me to My Dashboard then pressed the D button agian for about 10 sec. then let go and waited a few seconds and went right to the BUI MAIN MENU.  Then I did arrow down to -- 02 User Settings -- hit OK-- arrow down to ADDITIONAL HDMI SETTINGS --hit OK-- arrow down to Audio Output -- then hit right arrow and changed the setting to L-PCM and it worked. Hope this helps.


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