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FiOS TV One Voice Remote needs a lot of work

FiOS TV One Voice Remote needs a lot of work

Copper Contributor BobTheTechGuy
Copper Contributor
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I just upgraded my Fios TV service to TV One.  I'm generally pleased.  I was especially pleased with the ease of the transition from the older VMS1100 STBs.  My one complaint is about the Voice Remote.  Arris (the manufacturer) took the minimalist approach and removed most of the buttons from the remote.  In my opinion, they went a little TOO FAR.  I want a STOP button (in addition to the PAUSE/PLAY button).  Why?  Consider this:  you're watching a recorded show, and either you don't like it, or it's at the end and you don't want to watch the end commercials.  On the old remote, you could simply press the STOP button.  You would be at the menu for the show that you were watching and could scroll down from RESUME to DELETE.  Easy.


How do you do it with the new remote?  You have to Press the MENU button, scroll UP to DVR, scroll RIGHT to VIEW RECORDINGS (if you have TWO DVRs, then you have to select which one), then scroll DOWN to the show that you were just watching, press OK, scroll down to DELETE.  This is just AWFUL.


I hope that Verizon modifies the code in the remote to make it easier to do SIMPLE TASKS for which there is no BUTTON.

MVP clem53 MVP
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If you kept your old remote, or have a Harmony remote programmed for the old boxes they will still work as they used to. The simpler is better approach isn't always....

Copper Contributor BobTheTechGuy
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-02-2008
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UPDATE:  by randomly trying (no help from Verizon support or Verizon support Web site), I found that by holding down the "Voice" button and simply saying "STOP", it does what the STOP button on the old remote did.


I had previously tried other more complicated voice commands like:

stop playing, stop watching, stop show, ...


Only "STOP" works as a voice command. :-)


Another point to ponder:  the Verizon web site implies that the OLD remotes do NOT work with the new STBs and the new remote of course will only with with the NEW STBs.


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