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I have been with Verizon for over 2 years and pay approximately $300.00/month on time, including internet and landlines. My DVR boxes are old. I received old ones when I signed up. Because they are so old, I pay for 2 other DVRs because there is not enough memory in my multi room DVR, hence my large bill. We all established that the reps are nice, but you get a different response from everyone. I have been abused and tortured by this fact.  I feel I need to take a nerve pill before I start the process. After 2+ years, I NEVER got a straight answer or an updated DVR.

My question to your company is:


Why do I/We  have to pay the same price for old rented DVRs and Remotes vs the newer equipment that has more memory and the multi room functions that work better?  You don't have enough to go around, then charge accordingly to the units. That is illegal to charge the same price for a product that you falsely advertise that the models may look different. You DO NOT state that they DO NOT perform the same functions. That is called bait and switch!


I have tried furiously again to get an updated model for over 6 months with torture. I spent HOURS and DAYS getting nowhere. There are 2 more updated models than what I rent, but  PAY for functions I do not get! Now, just to torture us more, your new commercial shows a black sleek DVR, that shows you only need 1 DVR for many different rooms! That is truly false advertising because there are only old DVRs available. I have to pay for 2 more DVRs to get the same function!!! One would assume that after paying about $300.00 a month for over 2+ years, that LOGICALLY I would be considered an excellent customer. Verizon should give the newer equipment to the loyal customers that have been with them for longer periods of time and pay their bills on time, the benefit of newer equipment. 


AND YES, I have reset, replug, unplugged,  waited the correct time to replug into DVR, reset router, and of course called your company to try to reset from your office. AGAIN, they sent me a "new" DVR. The SAME old model that I own. Would not work, so I had to return that one and received another, which of course was the same model. What is the actual current model number one should really have?  Signed, Logical.


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Sorry to hear about your service not working right. The existing equipment does work with the services. It is not feasible to update all of our millions of customers when new equipment comes out. If yours is not working we will work with you to make it work. I have sent you a private message to get more information.


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Location: Warwick, RI
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The 7232 DVR with the big hard drive is in short supply. One of the easiest methods to upgrade equipment is to go to a local store if there is one convenient to your location; however, they may not have the 7232- but it might be worth a chance.

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been there done that they said no chance and even as I was there a customer returned  7232 AND I ASKED TO GET THAT ONE THEY SAID NO CHANCE IT MIGHT HAVE ROACHES IN IT I WAS TOLD. I TOLD THEM ID TAKE THAT RISK THEY SAID NO CHANCE............ STATEN ISLAND NY

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This old equipment thing is a joke.  I just left TW after nearly 20 years and bought into the FIOS hype, getting a triple bundle.  After the install I come to realize that for an STB they gave me a REFURBISHED 1 generation 6416 box.  Among other things, it doesn't seem to be able to use the 1.9 upgrade and display the guide in HD.  What's more, after calling and talking to reps online, the Verizon company line is "Sorry, customers don't get to choose what gear they get on the installation".  How about NEW equipment for a NEW customer?  I even called a Verizon store and they said sorry, all the new boxes (yeah, they ones in all the tv spots) were taken away from us.


Anyone else get shafted on a new installation?

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Device: ActionTec MI424WR
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Location: Staten Island, NY
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New customer here since the beginning of January.  Swapped out the 64XX box the tech installed for a 72XX before it was even 24 hrs old at a Verizon store.  The store reps were very nice about making the change.


If you're close to a store, just keep trying!

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got my email today and it said the new dvr will be in the mail in 5 days.had to pay 40 bucks i feel ripped off maybe the squeaky wheel gets the grease

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