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FiOS cablebox doesn't respond after TV turns on

FiOS cablebox doesn't respond after TV turns on

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I just want to say I am very happy with my FiOS setup, the picture quality on the TV is 100x's better than what I experienced from Cablevision, and the internet connection actually stays connected.  The problem I just recently started having is the HD LG TV I have in my living room is connected to a Motorola DVR QIP 72161, when I use my Logitech Harmony One remote or even the supplied remote the cable box stops responding to the remote after the TV connects to the HDMI 3 input which the DVR is on.  This only started happening a few weeks ago and it used to be at random times now it is every time and I need to power both the TV and the DVR down at least 8 times before it stops doing that.  It is becoming beyond annoying now.  Could someone please advise me on a fix, or if they have had a similar problem.

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Location: Dallas, TX
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let me know if you have tried the following.


1. unplug the box aka powercycle it.


2. power on box first then the TV


3. Power TV then box.


4. Use harmony remote first then VZ remote 2nd with the power button


5. setup remote to turn both TV and box on at the same time.

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1) I have power cycled the cable box


2, 3 & 5) I will have to try them seperatley, I have the activities programmed on my Harmony remote so I jsut hit "Watch TV - LR" and it powers everything on at the same time.  Usually the cable box will turn on before the TV conects to the DVR which just gives me enough time to change the channel because as soon as the the TV is connected I lose control of changing the channels.


4) I  have tried this in the past I will look at it again though.

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also when it stops being controlled by the remote can you change anything from the box itself?
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Once the remote stops responding, I can power off the cable box from the unit itself I cannot recall if I could change the channels from it.  I am at work now so I won't be able to test it out until I get home tonight.
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I am having the same problem.


We just got a sylvania HDTV on Saturday (FIOS hooked up on Friday). The remote will not operate the TV, no problem, I searched around and there is not a code for my model TV. But now when I turn the TV on the STB doesnt respond for about 5 minutes.


Very frustrating!  Any assistance?

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I am having the same issue only my remote won't work with the STB at all, even when the TV is off.  I have the Sharp HD tv that came with the FIOS package last January.  I have cycled the STB and no luck.  The STB will work when I push the buttons on the face, it's only the remote I'm having an issue with. 


I find it hard to believe that Verizon doesn't have a fix for this if so many are having this issue.

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 Yesterday I had to swap my Bedroom's defective 6200 HD box for a new 7100.

  I  now have the following problem:

 When I first turn on the box, it will NOT respond to the Fios remote for about 30-40 secs or so ..No channel change, volume (I use box's), numerical input, nothing. Picture & sound are there, but can't be changed/adjusted.

  Then it's fine.

   I am NOT using HDMI (I ave Component cables), & have already tried unplugging/plugging the box.

  If the TV's been on a while & you shut it off/turn it back on it seems OK, but if it sits for a while & you turn it on, the above remote "delay" occurs ...

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The 7xxx series has been running into this issue.  There are certian TV's that have been identified are interfering with the IR frequencies of the STB/Remote.  No Long term Fixes at this point, all that is being recommended at this time is to move the STB as far as possible to stop it from interfering with the IR signal. 


The following Model has been Identified so far,  its TV.s  ability of changing the picture modes (Vivid Vibrant or Bright)

 • Hitachi P50s601 (resolved with 6xxx swap)
• Vizio VX20L 20A (change away from PC input resolves)
• Sharp LC-32SB24U (turn off OPC resolves)
• Phillips 47PFL7403D-27 (only impacted while screen was 'warming', STB IR worked OK after TV on for ~15 min)
• Sharp LC-42D65U (changing picture mode to dynamic resolved in this case)
• Panasonic TH50PX80 (reset defaults on picture settings resolved)
• Sharp LC-32SB23U (changed color mode to resolve?, no details)
• Sharp LC-32D44U (disabling OPC resolved) • Envision L32W861
• Gateway TV - unknown model


Hope this Help


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Excellent response, thanks.  Unfortunately none of the suggestions resolved the issue.  I have a Sharp 19SB25U TV.  I tried resetting, changing the OPC & picture settings, nada.  Verizon is sending me a new box, thinking it's maybe the IR receiver that's bad.  We'll try that and go from there.  Thanks for the response!
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