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FiOS mobile app roku

FiOS mobile app roku

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Actually WiFi does not make better sense. It is slower that direct connect. And just because an app is provided by one company (Comcast) versus Verizon Fios means nothing. People are just not going to jump from Verizon because of a Roku app. 

They are going to bring teasers to customers to attract business and most will see that because of a gimmicks the companies will lose customers based on prices rising and not because of a app.



The wifi option was just part of the IPTV service Verizon was planning.  I suspect they spent  quite a bundle on the plan before they suddenly decided to cancel it.

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I suspect you are correct 😀

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This is why we want a FIOS app on ROKU: We are a 2 TV household. When we had Spectrum, we connected our newer smart flatscreen to the DVR and our not smart flatscreen directly to a CATV cable. Then Spectrum stopped the CATV cable direct feeds and required that we get a box (free the first year). But the Spectrum app was available on ROKU. It took three trips to Walmart to buy a ROKU stick because everyone else in our area wanted one too instead of the box. We switched to FIOS and want the same convenience of being able to log into our FIOS account on a ROKU app so we can watch cable shows on our not smart TV. Verizon FIOS is the one who's losing out here because we stream network shows through Hulu on our older TV so FIOS is losing customer "views." 

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Why not compete with the competion though is my question?

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If needed can't Fios just charge a fee to use a Fios Tv Roku app?


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Yes they could. But the reason people want an app like roku is so they don't have to pay for stb. It costs money to develop and maintain an app.  It becomes a tradeoff to charge enough to cover all those costs but still be low enough for people to chose app vs stb.

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