Find HD shows in TV listings in FIOS Mobile app

Find HD shows in TV listings in FIOS Mobile app

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When I search for a show in the app, it's very hard to tell if the show's listing is for the SD or HD channel (actually, it's impossible, as the listing only give the program's name with no indicators.). Even through trial and error I can't seem to find the HD listing, even though I know I have access to that channel and know the show is available in HD. Can anyone give a suggestion besides scrolling forever through the grid to find my show?


The specific show that I'm having trouble with is "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah". That title is listed twice when you search. Then when you click the search result, you get a screen with two thumbnails, one for on demand, one for tv listings. When you click TV listings, you get a grid of 9 identical thumbnails that provide no detail whatsoever. Clicking on any of these yields the details finally, showing that it's the one on the SD channel.


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When I do a search in the app (I assume you do it int he TV Listings area) I see 2 show listings.

Each has a channel number before the show name.

Anything less than 500 is SD anything greater than 500 is HD.

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For most people anything less than 500 is SD.  There are a few local HD channels in the 400's for some areas of the country.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is on my version of the app, in iPhone 5s on iOS9, when I do a search via the looking glass icon, from TV listings, the results list I get back does not have any channel numbers in front of the show titles. I see two copies of the name "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" with no distinction between them.


Do you know some other way to search? (and by search, I don't mean scrolling through the channels, then scrolling across a day's grid). I'm trying to find by show name.

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