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Fios Mobile app on Kindle Fire no longer supported!

Fios Mobile app on Kindle Fire no longer supported!

Contributor luckyles
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  • Verizon: Don't tell me I can watch Fios TV on all my devices, and then stop the Fios Mobile app from working on my Kindle Fire!  Based on the number of complaints in the Amazon app store, there seem to be an awful lot of other upset Kindle-owning Fios subscribers who were also caught unaware by this arbitrary action.  So let's have some improved customer service by restoring Fios Mobile to Kindle!
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Platinum Contributor III
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Was it stopped by Verizon or Amazon?

If it has to be different than there standard Android app, it could be there were not enough users to justify the cost.

Same reason there isn't a version for windows phones.

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Bronze Contributor II
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I have a Kindle Fire 2nd generation which is an older model. I noticed over the weekend this app quit working. When I clicked on ot it said something about this app is not supported by this version of andriod or something like that. I am assuming this older model of Fire is not supporting many of these apps now. I have had a couple of others to quit working too. One of them was the NCAA March Madness app.

My wife has a Kindle HD. The Fios app is working on that . I checked it last night. I just had to download the newest version and it seemed to work just fine. The March Madness app works also on this Fire HD. My guess is that Amazon is trying to phase out these older models by not updating these apps to keep working on these older versions of a Kindle Fire. 

Contributor Adam44
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Indeed it is a shocker that the new FIOS tv app distributed by Amazon is no longer supported for the Amazon fire platforms.   In addition to being arbitrary and strong-handed action, I think it may constitute a breach of contract or at least false advertising by Verizon who promised access anywhere on any mobile device.  What is next - pay for streaming after folks get "hooked up"?  I have 5 fire devices in 2 locations.  Verizon - please release fire compatible version - as someone said, how hard it can be?  It is always an option to go to a provider who doesn't screw up with their customers.

Contributor DaggerJoe
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NO! the amazon fire HD is no longer supporting the fios tv app

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