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Fios TV Severe Pixelation

Fios TV Severe Pixelation

Contributor MartyS
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Thanks!  My pixelation issues just started, but you've convinced me to not hesitate to call Customer Service.

Contributor djpnyc
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Did Verizon charge you for the service call?

@DIYDAD wrote:



I am a Verizon Fios customer and have been as far back as I can remember.  I am taking the time to share this with existing customers, future customers and former customers.   Approximately 3 weeks ago ALL of my set top boxes began to pixelate, freeze and distort beyond any kind of satisfactory view-ability ( not sure if that’s a real word ). Being what I believe to be an experienced D.I.Y. Individual I performed several troubleshooting measures. Many of these recommendations came from men and women on this forum and others and for that please let me share my gratitude. Being unfamiliar with the innner workings of Verizon Fios it was nice to read some prior posts which allowed me to have a starting point. My troubleshooting consisted of resetting router, resetting ONT mainframe, rebooting DVR/Media boxes, auto correction of DVR/Media boxes, testing of all coax cables (used the following tester: Klein Item #876R984), swapping DVR/Media boxes from room to room, changing old nickel splitters for new gold splitters, using termination caps on any unused splitter ports, calling Verizon Fios Customer Service and having them boost the signal and run diagnostics on their end which did confirm low SNR as well as poor and locked reportings of the service.  Despite all of my efforts and the efforts of the Verizon Fios Technical Support Team we were unable to successfully diagnose and correct any of the issues. At this point an appointment with a Verizon Fios Technician was scheduled. 

Technician arrived ahead of schedule at which point we discussed television issues and what had been done to correct. Technician hooked up a probe to ONT, ran a diagnostic and immediately was notified that the ONT had malfunctioned.  He 1st installed a new updated ONT ( which was defective right out of the box) then installed a 2nd.  Within minutes of him updating server information with new ONT serial number all of my Verizon Fios DVR/Media boxes were working flawlessly. 

Closing advice to any DIY individual would be this; feel free to troubleshoot as best as you can. It may be bad cables, splitters etc. if it’s not just make the call and have the Technician come in and test. Hope this helps. Lastly, all of this was covered by Verizon Fios as it was a defect on their end. 



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