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Fios TV box reboots automatically

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Fios TV box reboots automatically

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We have a multiroom DVR in the living room and a regular HD box in our bedroom.  If someone begins watching a recorded program in bedroom while someone is watching live TV on the main living room box, the multiroom DVR box in the living room will reboot twice.  I'm guessing that this isn't normal, correct?



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Re: Fios TV box reboots automatically

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You are indeed correct. This is not normal. To fix the ### press menu, then go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then IN HOME AGENT, then  AUTOFIX COMMON DVR ISSUES . You can also try the option in the same menu for SET TOP BOX AUTOCORRECTION. If you are still having troubles, please send me a private message.


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Re: Fios TV box reboots automatically

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If this is the same problem with the new Motorola HD DVR freezing up and then re-booting itself. I have the problem to. It seems to be a BUG that needs fixing.



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Re: Fios TV box reboots automatically

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I've had FIOS since the fall and the STB's (Cisco model number CHS 335HDC and a living room DVR that is Cisco also, but I dont know the model number)  have been rebooting at leasst 2-3 times a day (that I've actually noticed) since I became a customer. For no apparent reason, and regardless of whether anyone is watching TV, using internet, etc., the STB's will reboot unexpectedly. I've called FIOS tech support at least 8 times (no exaggeration) and the FIOS guys have come to my house at least 6 times. They have tested the system multiple times, replaced every STB in my house and even replaced the "junction boxes" (not sure this is the official name for these types of boxes) located in my basement closet. All to no avail. The final Verizon tech support conclusion was that this is a SYSTEM firmware/software problem and not an STB/junction box hardware problem. Verizon has told me that a firmware update is coming, but when you try and pin them down with when the fix will be ready their most recent answer was "you'll get it when you get it". I think FIOS has the potential to be better than any other cable offering, but unfortunately Verizon seems to be perpetually pushing the envelope to offer new technology that hasn't been fully tested. As a result, what should be the best offering just ends up being a frustrating customer experience.

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Re: Fios TV box reboots automatically

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if it's rebooting too fast for you to do the menu items, then unplug the box for about 2-5 minutes, and plug it back in. 



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Re: Fios TV box reboots automatically

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I have a CHS-435 DVR, two CHS-335 STBs, and a Motorola Cable Card on a TiVO. I am not experiencing the issue. There have been a few times when the boxes are reset at about 2 AM, which they consider a safe time. But not continuously.


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Go to the Menu, then Settings, look at the System Information.


It should say

Release: 1.9

Build  12.40


If it says Build 12.39 it will have issues. I am just thinking perhaps they need to check that, but I am sure they would have.


The next update will be Release 1.91 if I am correct. Date for this is unknown.

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