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Fios sucks!

Contributor tccheryl
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Customer service line takes forever to reach and after you've invested hours speaking to them & having them convince you to reboot the box / troubleshoot, they still have no way to resolve your problem w/ fios cable + internet.  They will not send a technician unless you pay for one. And they're delusional to think there are no problems w/ their service or product! This is the last straw: Fios shorted out on me while I was watching a movie on demand, and  when it rebooted, it reset the movie to the very start.  It happened twice where I had to watch the movie from the beginning twice and the last straw was when a Emergency Monthly Service interrupted the movie for the 3rd time and it then restarted the movie from the beginning for the THIRD TIME. **bleep** watching the movie!


Besides that, we have a voice mailbox we haven't been able to access for years! Really thinking of moving on to another service since this one sucks balls!!

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Platinum Contributor III
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What issues are you having?

I have found that twitter support is helpful @verizonsupport

As for ems broadcast, Verizon has no control over that. It is specified by local authorities

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Contributor DrDawson
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How frustrating! Technical issues plus compounding poor customer service. Bye. 

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The absolute worst. You call get put on hold then get some guy who speaks broken English who is reading from a script and has you unplugging and tapping wires. Straight **bleep**. Last thing you want after a hard days work is to come home and and start unplugging resetting and tapping wires.  


After waiting on hold for over an hour!!!! Never plan on speaking to anyone within 40 minutes you speak to an outsourced rep. I have been a Fios customer since it’s inception in NY! He has me unplugging and doing the Fios dance. I tell him there are wires down, down the block. We have to try this first. Finally they send a repair man. He comes and in traditional fashion says never listen to those people and has to rerun all wire.. HE does this and we were up and running. He was nice enough to leave all his garbage and spare wire on my lawn. My internet still has not worked the same! But who wants to call and speak to someone across the globe for an hour! 


Cable is no better but I will be switching when contract is us for the first time in 10 years !!!


there wireless customer service is worse !!!!

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