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Fios tv ongoing issues and they dont care.

Fios tv ongoing issues and they dont care.

Copper Contributor ny321
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ok well i have not recived it yet.

Copper Contributor TrantaLocked
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You're right, Verizon doesn't care. On many local SD channels, the picture is stretched or zoomed in on. This just started happening with ESPN. Verizon doesn't care, and won't solve the problem.

Copper Contributor PistolPete13
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Regarding the stretched or zoomed picture, did you accidentally press the "#" button on the remote?  This will cycle the screen display to all the different modes.  Try pressing it a few more times to get the normal picture back.

Contributor TedMaryland
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Verizon has made a business decision to stop providing the SD content, more and more providers are not offering SD feeds anymore, this is a multi-tier issue.  Verizon doesnt offer the older STB SD Boxes, and if you need to get one swapped out you will have to pay for a HD/SD box, it used to be 3 SD boxed for 12-13 bucks, now it's 22-33 for 3 SD/HD boxes if needed or not.  I understand if the programming was an old show and filmed in 4:3 that we will have bars on the side, nothing can be done about that other then stretching the picture to fill the screen, but these black bars on the top and bottom on older TV's is a real hassle, hence..  a 27" diagional TV now because a 21" TV, causing lose of use, diminished use, lack of disclosure and force of price increase and force of buying new TV's.  I have attempted to start a class action law suit but the arbitration clause in the contract prevents that. I am filing an arbitration case against fios for the 13 hours I have spend with working on this issue along with deseptive practices and force of increase in price beyond our control.

Copper Contributor TrantaLocked
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No, I've tried using that button, it doesn't do any thing.


Wait, are you saying that the vertical stretching of SD 16:9 feed is GOOD? Because all it does is make the picture look warped on a 4:3 screen. The channels that aren't vertically stretched looked WAY better, and barely any space is taken up by the black bars.


In the end, I would rather have top/bottom black bars than a really crappy looking, warped image that fills the screen.

Contributor mermaidguy
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I am new to FIOS - just had it installed 3/23. Slow or NO channel changing, set top box locks up constantly. The In-home agent procedures and STB re-boot works, for about 20 mins. Must be a common problem for Verizon to include this problem in their troubleshooting menu. WHY DON'T THEY JUST FIX THE PROBLEM!!!  Gone as far as I can go using their solutions -  on Monday, 4/1, I'm calling a real person, if I can reach one, and will get results, or I'm going back to Comcast. Did I say that?!  The grass is always greener...  but then you smell the fertilizer.  Also, the remote itself could not be any more cheaply made. When the system does work, the buttons have to be pushed 5 or 6 times to get a response. And YES, I'VE CHANGED THE BATTERIES! It is a slow, unresponsive system coupled with poor quality peripherals, reminiscent of Radio Shack "toys", not at all the professional grade I expected from the mighty Verizon.


So far, I am not a happy customer. You've got the ball, Verizon. Prove yourself.


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