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Fios tv ongoing issues and they dont care.

Fios tv ongoing issues and they dont care.

Copper Contributor ny321
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I have had fios tv since like march or april 2010.I have had pixelation issues since month 1 they been here 11 times to try and fix it .Then like sept i had where my tv on some channels the sides had black bars and some had both top and side black bars on both SD and HD channels.(Now i know its not my tv settings i set tv up and it works fine on most channels but a good chunk have bars.)Well now the side bars are fixed about 95% but the top and bottom bars now appear on a boatload of channels.If i set fill screen it just takes away from true hd or it stretches the crap out of the tv show.Im in schenectady county in ny.Does anyone else have this issue because my neighbor and the other 3-4 down the street dont have this issue.I have spent hours on end calling and i get we are working on it.Well its been what 3-4 months now and still same crap.

Copper Contributor ny321
Copper Contributor
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Oh and by the way its been out of the techs hands its a problem at the main terminal they said and its been on 2nd or 3rd teir service since sept. 

Copper Contributor ny321
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Does anyone else have this issue????

Copper Contributor ny321
Copper Contributor
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(correction on my first post my service i got in 2011 not 2010 .)

UPDATE** OK I got off chat with verizon and they closed out my 2nd tier service ticket they said its been closed and there is no problems.Just like i said they dont care what a joke.ON ME AND MY WALLET.They want to send a tech out again so i can either be stood up or be told its a main terminal issue again .I have the techs cell phone numbers because they been here so much.I give up.I guess iwill surrender back to Time Warner Cable. Maybe i can watch the superbowl with no issues like i have for the past umpteen years with them.

Contributor Nvrgvup
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Wow! I thought I was alone. Seems others are having audio/video issues also. After several service checks,picture and sound stillskips or pixelates. This is rediculous! Strongly considering other options.Smiley Sad

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Consistet pixalation, etc, are likely to be caused by older wiring, bad splitters or bad connectors.  Normal picture should be excellent on FIOS.

Copper Contributor ny321
Copper Contributor
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its all new wireing /tryed changing new ends, they changed splitters like 5 times and the ONT 2 times changed out dvr boxes and hdmi and the other type of plugs red blue white ones..Also that does not explain the magical apperence of the black bars on sides of screen and then they went away now top and bottom of screen .Im the only one on my street with all these issues.Which they cant figure out either.

Contributor TedMaryland
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Yes, I have been having this issue for several months, it seemed to happen when I upgraded from my old 2500 boxes to the 7100-P2 boxes in order to have the DVR with the larger hard drive and external hard drive capabilty, also to be able to view HiDef recordings on the new hidef/standard def non-dvr boxes which was not possible on the 2500's.  I have many channels that on the older TV's (4:3 CRT based) that have black bars at the top and bottom and cut the side of the picture off (hence a 16:9 picture that has the sides trimmed to fit on the 4:3 ratio TV's.  I have been in touch with a tech in the local point of presence that has been working with the Super Head Ends and they state the networks are no longer providing the the "standard def" feeds, however comcast does NOT have this problem with standard def boxes and TV's.  I have spoken to one of the major providers of the feeds to Verizon and they state Verizon has elected not to purchase the standard def feeds anymore, so Verizon is down converting the signal to for the non hi def outputs on the boxes.  I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with Verizon only to be told I am out of my mind and have no idea what I'm talking about.  I am still investigating this issue and will keep people updated.

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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I will be sending you a PM with a link for you to submit with your account info, so that we may address your concerns.


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