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Fox News HD??? Says I'm not subscribed!

Fox News HD??? Says I'm not subscribed!

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All of a sudden...we watch this channel every day.  We had it on this morning.  Now, this evening, all of our TVs say we're not subscribed.  Of course, the offices are closed so I can't speak to anyone.


Anyone else having this problem? 

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Yes, same problem here. Since I signed up 2 months ago (and received the update that included this HD channel), Fox News HD and about 10 other HD-channels showed this message. Called customer service today and they told me I would have to subscribe to a different package (but at the same price). They told me it should work by noon tomorrow. They we able to throw in an additional free month of HBO/Cinemax and told me that the new package would include the Sport package so I would actually be cheaper every month by adding these channels. Only downside: Your minimum subscribtion time of 12 months starts again.


Hope I could help.

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I guess you got lucky that they let get the newer plan and keep the same price.  I called earlier today because I had all the movie channels and what used to be the Full HD package and was told I would have to pay 10 more dollars a month if I want to be able to see the new channels. 


I even asked why I should have to pay more for a service that I signed up with, and she said that's just how it was...................  The new channels would cost more money if I wanted them.

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553 FX HD
568 WGN HD
583 Speed HD
617 FoxBusHD
618 FoxNewsHD
650 QVC
668 Planet GreenHD
670 Travel HD
740 HMC HD
781 Toon Disney HD


The above channels were added and offered as a free preview to many customers.  That free preview is up so you must call and upgrade to the Extreme HD package to receive those channels.


In other markets, like Virginia and Maryland, there was no free preview so customers had to upgrade to get these channels when they were added.

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Had same issue,


When I called I was told it was an "outage" of some channels, it lasted about 5 hours and by 9:30 PM Wednesday all the channels had returned.




It was a technical issue on Verizon's part.  


The thing is, that nobody told technical support, only after 30 minutes or reseting the STB's, the cablecards, etc... did billing tell tech it was an outage issue of some channels and it was being worked on.


2 observations:


1. The right hand needs to talk to the left at Verizon.


2. The automated system used by Verizon is the most atrocious and unreliable system implemented by mankind, it constantly transfered me to the wrong department or just hung up on me.  After 4 tries I finally got to a human being, who was of course in the department I had NOT chosen.

Message Edited by romanom on 11-13-2008 02:07 AM
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I agree the automated system is simply terrible.  Verizon is currently making it a chore for a customer to get to a live representive and when you do get in line, expect to wait 30 mins.  That is probably because they have poor hours for their customer service and people that actually have jobs and have to call after getting home from work, have to deal with a customer care system that is overloaded and closing down in 30 mins.  At this point in time, customer care reps just want to end the day vs actually helping customers with their needs/concerns.
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...The channels are out...AGAIN...this time at least is says "currently unavailable" rather than you "are not subscribed"
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