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Free Digital adapter

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How do you order a free digital adapter? I logged into my account but don't see any link to order it

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Assuming you are in an area where the offer of free digital adapters is currently available, you should have received a letter from Verizon documenting the procedure. You supposedly can either go to My Account on verizon.com or call {number no longer valid} (yeah I know that is more digits than it should be, but that is what is in the letter and what I called). The letter I received had a deadline for calling, don't know whether they are enforcing that or not.


I have seen on some forums people reporting that they have been charged after ordering vial the website, so I chose to call - got my adapter in about three days, and my bill very clearly shows a charge and a credit for that charge (net is free) for the adapter. So based on my experience I recommend calling.


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Yea right after my order of the "FREE" digital adapter, my billing was all messed up. Took me almost three months and they never did fix it. All they did after I talked to 5 people and then a stupervisor was, give me credit for a year of the $3.99 free as a credit on my bill. I really love the service as far as the technical end, but there deceptive and crooked billing practices need to stop. I asked them how my 2 year package could have switched my internet to month by month with no package credit for internet when it is part of a package that is shown on my bill. I have never paid them late. Don't expect anything for free. Finnally they sort of fixed it, and gave me the new package that costs $5 more. It seems as though they can break agreements anytime they wish, and when you catch it they tell you it cant be fixed because that package agreement is no longer available in the system. DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING FREE! Unless you plan to pay another way. I guess if half the customers get it free and the other half gets screwed it cuts their costs. I am not the only one this has happened to. Just search the blogs about billing. Many people do not look closely at their bills, so installations of new fiber gets paid for by the billing mistakes in their favor. I bet this gets sensored or I get a nasty reply!


One last thing. I did call and it still happened to me and worse as you read.

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