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Frequent lag spikes/messed up television channels

Frequent lag spikes/messed up television channels

Copper Contributor Buzzati
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-16-2012
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Hello, I am wondering what is going on with my internet/tv service.  Some of the low, non-HD, channels don't show a clear picture (the sound and video flash and are distorted).  I called customer service and they said that it's most likely the box.  We received a new box and the problem persists.  

Also, the internet has frequent lag spikes.  I downloaded PingPlotter and it shows I have a lot of packet loss.  I'm not sure if these two are related.  Playing an online game, for instance, is frustrating.  The download speed seems fine, though.  It is mostly the upload that is the problem.

I have connected a laptop directly into the router and have the same problem; so, it isn't my wifi devices that are at fault. 


I've used the online customer service.  They claimed to have gone through my computer (I allowed them access) via VPN.  They claimed to have "boosted my wifi signal" or something.  Nothing changed.


I think the problem is most likely a structural/infrastructure problem on my end.  Is there any way to check?  I am frustrated with this.


Thank you.

Copper Contributor Buzzati
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-16-2012
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Any clues for where to go from here?  How do I convince the FioS operator to check the packet loss?  Things that require steady upload, like an online game, is pretty impossible to play.

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with the service. We would like to help out. So we can get more information from you, I have copied your post to our private support board. Please refer all correspondences to there from here on out. You can easily get to the private support one of two ways. In the email you signed up for the forums with, you will receive a link to click on. Make sure you are already signed into the forums before clicking on this link. Another way of getting there is by clicking on your username anywhere you see it in the forums. This brings you to your account profile. Scroll down to the section labeled "My Support Cases" . In there you will see the link to your case.


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