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Full shows not recorded

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Full shows not recorded

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Whats with your DVR that program series or shows that dont recored the full show. Now far to many shows we record go up to the last few minutes and wham stop recording. Three times now Idol was recorded and we have to go online to see what happens in the last two minutes. WTH is that! Whqat good is a dvr that does not record the whole show. If they dont solve this you can rest assure When our contract is up so is verizon. For ever. We left cox to get better service and we have many issues with Verizon.



1. (The Dvr service) is just ridiculaous if it dont record the entire show.

2 (The Guide) is too busy with too much dark colors and only shows 4 or 5 channels and were forced to see the info regarless of interest. If I wantted to see all that I would hit info. Its the primary reason scrolling takes so long.

3  The guide again, Why is t you can not scroll back to see what you missed. Demand TV is fine but if you dont know what you missed because the next show has started and there is no listing of what just went off then how it the heck are we gonna know what we missed..... Dont say check demad that is just ridiculous in its sel because then we likly would miss even more.


Verizon TV FIos In my oppinion has oh so much to desire. Wished now I d stayed with Cox.


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Re: Full shows not recorded

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Hi pamelah,


  1. DVR recordings usually follow the Guide. If there are no other recordings scheduled before or after, the DVR often records up to 30 seconds either side of a scheduled event. When recordings get clipped, it is usually either because the program ran past its scheduled time-slot, or because that particular channel isn't running on the same time as Verizon. If you know that particular shows commonly get clipped, you can add extra record time to their beginnings and endings by using the Series Manager, the Scheduled Recordings list, or by pressing the REC button while watching a currently recording program. Just be aware that adding recording time to run past the hour mark might cancel the recording of lower priority programs that follow.


  2. There is a setting to view 6 channels in the Guide. Choose one of the following paths:


    Menu > TV Listings > Settings > Guide View > Standard View > OK > Exit

    Menu > Settings > Television > Guide View > Standard View > OK > Exit


    Also if you press the Guide button twice, you can view individual channels by program rather than the fixed 90-minute time-slot.


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