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Get Rid of Adverts on DVR

Get Rid of Adverts on DVR

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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I've got the Quantum Super-Slow Remote package which just got even slower after the uncalled for "upgrade" that now loads thumbnails and a snails pace.  I won't get into how much a step backwards this is from what was almost a usable GUI once they fixed it months ago. 


But what also  bugs me is that whenever I enter DVR menu I get a pop up advertisement for pay content.  I don't get it on my main box, only the little one in the kitchen.


Any idea how to get rid of this or why it only shows up on the little box and not my main server box?


I really hate this new GUI not only because it's now slower that the previous GUI ever was, but now it takes more keystrokes to do anything.  I wish there was a way to turn off Delete  confirmation for starters.  If I accidently delete something I can always retrieve it from the trash - so I don't need the hand holding on top of all the other delays.  The other gripe I have is that with the new DVR menu structure I can no longer delete an entire folder of shows using the same buttons.  I have to find the "C" button and delete from there.  Really stupid changes.

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menu > settings > notifications > popup alerts > enable options > choose never show me again

then go back go to recommendations and turn that off. Then go back to promotions and choose disable.


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Bronze Contributor I
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Thanks.  Coincidently, the FIOS technician was at my house today and showed me that.  He was there to witness the amazingly sluggish performance of the new GUI.  He said he's seen this poor performance many times but had no real solution.  Nice guy though.  The telephone support gent had no clue and wanted me to reprogram my remote  code to my TV... like that  would have anything to do with it.  Then he offered to send me a new box which I refused as a waste of time and money.  So the offered a tech visit which I knew probably wouldn't help but it was worth getting confirmation that it's not just me - though I knew that from this forum which the telephone support guy said I shouldn't read.

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I disable these popups via the menu instructions above but they come back like cockroaches every few days. It only happens on my main box (the one with the DVR), not the other two which I can watch DVR on.
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