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Getting Rid of my Old 14" Analog TV-Need Help & Suggestions

Getting Rid of my Old 14" Analog TV-Need Help & Suggestions

Contributor Jimbo40
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I am thinking about getting rid of my old 14" analog TV and Verizon provided me with a digital box. I want to replace the TV but it has to be smaller in size. Right now, I have just a white cable going into it.


1) When I buy a new digital (I need it small in size), will I be able to simply plug this white cable back into the new TV?

2) I believe I have to return the digital converter but I don't see anywhere on the website on how to do this.


I am limited in space and would need the same type of connection (not using HDMI). Can anyone recommend a TV small and thin in size that would work?


Thanks in advance!

Gold Contributor VII Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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An almost impossible size to find.  I searched on amazon, and found a few 15' and bunch 19'.   These days pretty much any TV in these classes will be very thin. And the connection for FIOS tv's is probably not as you specify for full access.  For full access you would still need some sort of Verizon box (so connection might not matter).

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Bronze Contributor II
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Try searching (Google, Amazon,) or looking at R/S, Target, Best Buy, etc for a "portable HDTV".  Mostly all have AC/DC capability and a wall wart so you can plug it in for power.  Then look for one that has a coax connection for a signal in so that you can use a box and won't need to use the antenna provided.

Most are like small tablets, with a stand.

On the other hand, there are small (15") HDTVs out there.

Anything you get in the digital world should be much thinner than your SD.  I'm running  12" and a 15" RCAs SD, and even my 55" HDTV is thinner than either of those

You will find that you will undoubtedly need a box and when you get an HD box, it will be larger.  That may change your mind

Otherwise, you can look at thrift stores, etc, to see if there is an old smaller used SD around.



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