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@sbrague wrote:



...   The logo that appears at the bottom of the FIOS guide is TV Guide.  If they're truely leasing this service from TV Guide, then why is the FIOS guide so widely inaccurate while TVGuide.com is dead on?  Aren't both derived from the same data source?


The TV Guide logo is a copyright issue for any on screen guide.  Their data is actually provided by a company called "FYI".


I agree that the poor guide data sometimes makes the DVR about as worthless as ... (keeping it clean  :smileytongue:).

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The guide does NOT show Majors actors in the movie since the lineup change.  I sure would like to see that come back.
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Thanks for the clarification on which company is at fault for all the poor programming information.  I googled "fios guide fyi" and found site after site complaining about the absolutely poor service provided by FYI.  On http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?p=6350824 someone had mentioned that Verizon is under contract with FYI through 2008.  I can only hope and pray that contract a new company to handle their guide service once their obligation to FYI expires.  There hasn't been a Verizon response to any of these complaints, that I've seen so far.  Maybe some sort of grass-roots campaign can be organized out of these various forums which will finally catch Verizon's eye.



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Amen to everything written above.  I can only hope Verizon is listening to these legitiate complaints.  I've only had my DVR 2 days and I miss Dish Networks DVR!  The episode date or movie year is crucial if you only want to record new episodes.  What I have now is an all digital, rather expensive VCR.  It doesn't know when anything I want to watch is on--I have to program it one show at a time.  I haven't signed my electronic agreement yet.  Maybe it's not too late to go back.
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Doesn't anybody at Verizon watch sports?

Am I an idiot or is the Sports search the most worthless thing on FIOS?


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ive been with FiOS since day in Maryland (AACounty) and have been so disappointed in the guide, packages, set top box, content (channels, ppv & on demand), QAM, analog, Contracts and customer service. Why do they have to have that stupid magnified thing? That was an upgrade in one of the last major updates they did which I think set them back. How about how every time they start adding channels or messing with them your favorites start to disappear. Im not one to tell you it sucks without telling you what you could do to fix it so:


-Guide- just pay off DTV and copy theirs, at least make an option for us so we can get rid of the magnified thing

-Packages- just give us one more option for HD tv only. Thats all I want you can turn off all the other channels (after you add more HD!) 

-STB- how about a RF remote rather than UHF (I refuse to add another gadget like an IR repeater to my set up, I have too many gadgets!) 

-Content- HD they keep telling us its coming but like idiots we wait around. This is the last I wait 9/18/08 better be good for AA County.

-Content- On Demand (free) seriously half the things are 3-4 minutes long, it takes that long for the menu to get to on demand. I cant wait that long.

-Content- PPV well I see there is some stuff their in HD but I cant afford to spend any more money with you guys so I dont even look there anymore

-QAM- seriously once again I cant afford to have a box for every TV in my house. 1 guy, 1 house, 3 TVs. Just give me the local HDs, WX, Fox News, CSN and ESPN for my bar tv and patio

-Analog- well I know where thats going but its been weak and you should have made up for it with QAM capabilities but you didnt so Im picking on it

-Contract- $10 bux says that by me setting up my forum name I have modified my contract w/ Verizon and the 2 years starts from tonight! Seriously it should only be 2 years from when you sign up and if I add a channel so be it that does not mean I changed my contract it just means I pay you more money till its over. OK if I decide mid contract to upgrade to some triple play package Ill give you that but thats it. 

-Customer Service- what service? I seriously want the top execs and board members to go home tonight and call Verizon on your own as one of us to talk about an issue and then report back to me after you throw your phone and STB box out the window because you dont have the patience to sit and wait 20 minutes talking (sometimes screaming) to an automated phone tree operator. Solution... just give me an option to go to VM and you call me back


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I agree - Guide sucks big time., as does Search capability.   I had Tivo, which has an incredible guide and search capability.  I can't believe Verizon has contracted for such a shoddy product.
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I'm in full agreement.  We love the quality of the FIOSTV picture.  But, everything else is way below what we had with Directv.  Calling Verizon is worse than a trip to the dentist.  I think they should record what people say while they're waiting to speak to a live person.  We had Directv with no complaints before we switched to Verizon Fios.  Directv's DVR was excellent and we never had a problem with it.  With Fios, we've already replaced the DVR once with a blown hard drive.  Directv's guide was far superior to Fios.  I just don't understand why Verizon just doesn't seem to care that current Fios customers are dissatisfied.  They keep advertising for new sign-ups but ignore the deficiencies in the product. 
Contributor swsquish
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I agree with everyone here.


The guide needs some serious programming tweaks.  Really basic things too:

1) When you scroll down through any options and hit the end of the list the next click should automatically pop you up to the top of the menu.

2) You can't rewind from pause.  If you press [fast forward] from pause = slow motion, which is great but you can't rewind from pause.  You have to hit [play] again just to rewind?!!!

3) There is little useful info in the program info.  There should at least be director & actor info.

4) If you setup the image to be output in 16:9 (widescreen) why doesn't the guide display the same size.  It's not using all the possible space.

5) The remote lacks a "Live" button.  My old cable remote had this, where if you rewinded an hour back into a program and wanted to get back to the live playing show you just hit that button.  With this you have too fast forward all the way back.  Slow process overall.

6) Why is all the On Demand stuff in low res/non-HD.  All of it.  I know this probably helps with the streaming burden but you paid for an HD service, so shouldn't at least some of the On Demand be in HD.  At least premium channel shows.  What happens when everything goes HD are they still going to compress it down to YouTube quality?

7) The Favorites button and menu are ridiculous.  Having a favorites menu is good, but you can't even use the number pad to jump to a range of channels.  Example hitting 555 jumps you to 550 an existing channel.  You can do this in the main guide, but not the Favorites guide??? So you still have to scroll through every channel in your Favorites menu.  Non-sensical programming.

8) Not sure if this is on all shows yet, but the last 3 shows I recorded started recording early and cutoff early.  Not sure if that is system wide or my area only (NYC).


I hope Verizon is taking notes from this "Hot Topic" posting, because all of the suggestions are good and should be implemented.

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@swsquish wrote:

5) The remote lacks a "Live" button.  My old cable remote had this, where if you rewinded an hour back into a program and wanted to get back to the live playing show you just hit that button.  With this you have too fast forward all the way back.  Slow process overall.

My FIOS (Phillips) remote certainly does have a "Live" button.  It's the big circular one right in the center of the remote that says "FIOS TV".  Give it a try. 


The other two possible remotes (Motorola or SA) have Live TV bbuttons so labelled. 

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