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Take look at Friday, September 26th at  9pm on any major network.  The Presidential Debate... John Kerry And George Bush face off in their final debate.


WHAT?  Verizon you need to dump FYI And get whomever TiVO or even whomever Comcast uses.  The guide data is severely lacking in accuracy and  useful content. 


I am amazed anyone from Verizon corporate has their own service And if they do how can they say wow this guide information is at all good.


Please fix this Verizon... And thanks for listening.



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After having had DirectTV with Tivo for a couple of years, my family was unanimously underwhelmed with the guide, (content, functionality and interface) and the DVR functionality (especially the ability to skip ahead by minutes, instead of having to fast forward). I agree with someone else who commented that FiOS TV is probably the weakest of the FiOS related offerings. I'm really not liking it in many ways compared to what we had previously. It could really use an indepth review and redesign. Sorry to say it, but If I wasn't bound by contract I'd have switched back to satellite months ago.
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You are all so right the guide is the worst I have had Directv and Comcast and both of those guides far exceed the lame garbage of a guide with Verizon......at this point with the guide and no signal errors may be back with Comcast sooner than I thought!
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Because I and none of my friends at house on my 56" TV HD can ever find at games like we all have had in our previous systems, is there something I can claim to break my what 2 year contract??? ANy way out?? I do not let any of my friends, who have been admiring my perfect system, I do not let them buy FIOS. THe thrill of HD is Football, Baseball, basketball,. And Golf.  Sometimes someone will remember their guide and we can manually find it.


No one of my acquaintances doesn't;t agree that it is totally unacceptable, and I refuse to let them join the hi speed internet until you fix the TV guide, One, SCott {edited for privacy}, did before I realized the worthlessness. He came back to me to complain,,,So I;ll steer everyone else away.



{please keep your posts courteous}


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Just wanted to add my two cents..this is the worst guide I've ever tried to read. Get rid of the magnified center section. You can't view a page at a time without your eyes going buggy...
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I must agree, the guide is really bad.  It's harder to navigate, hard to read.  I know they did this to make it look more interesting, etc. But sometimes things like this is better left simple and easy.
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I agree, it's garbage.  They still have the German Gran Prix listed for the upcoming F1 race on Speed.  That was was two months ago!  Just one of man, many errors that I've come across.



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I have to throw in my 2 cents as well:




1) The guide data is pretty useless.  Not only is it flat out wrong but it is hard to setup new season passes when you have to do so only a few days before the show starts.  With Tivo I had two full weeks of data that it could search.  Additionally, my DVR keeps on recording old shows (due to the guide data being incorrect I am assuming as the season pass is setup to record new shows only). 


2) That magnification feature on the guide is horrible.  If anything it makes my eyes go above and below it and miss what it is trying to emphasize.  A better solution would be to highlight the selected channel and have it magnify to show more information after hitting the info button.




1) Not having the ability to jump in 15 minute increments is  bad.  Fast forwarding through a 2 hour show takes forever.


2) It would be nice if the DVR told you what it was recording when it is telling you it has to change the channel.


3) Lack of hard drive space.  18 hours of HD just isn't cutting it.  I recently saw an ad for a 100 HR HD box from DTV.


These issues were never present with DirecTV.  I would like to keep the FIOS service but unless there is a resolution to these issues I may have to switch back to DTV.


On the bright side these are all fixable via software updates.  I know that people are waiting on a firmware update from Motorola to enable the ports on the back to add on external hard drives but the rest is Verizon's to deal with.


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1) I agree with you 110%, the guide data is wrong a very large percent of the time, extremely frustrating. As I understand it, that is the responsibility (fault?) of the guide data supplier that Verizon has a contract with. I have heard a rumor that that contract expires at the end of 2008 and that we might (will?) get a new guide data provider to start 2009. We can at least hope so...


your comment about not having two weeks or so of data available for setting up season passes confuses me. I just checked my DVR, my available guide data goes out through 10/1 right now, which is about two weeks. Plus, why do you need anything more than one week to set a season pass (assuming the program is a weekly program)? When I want to set up a recurring recording (season pass to you? I don't know), all I do is find one episode of the program and press the Record button twice. The first push sets that particular episode to record, the second push records future episodes. Of course you might then need to go in and modigy some specifics about that series (start time, end time, first run or all, etc).


2) The original IPG, the predecessor of the current IMG, didn't have that magnifier, and I really preferred it. But I have had the IMG 1.5 now long enough that I guess I have gotten used to it. If they went back I would like it, but this item is really kinda small for me, compared to things like getting the new HD channels, etc.




1) How many FF speeds do you have? I have 3, the highest really does a pretty good job of getting through the stuff, even 2 hour shows. I would like an option to skip to the end and then let me backspace. Have you set the Skip option? you can set it to 5 minutes, then could you use that instead of FF? (of course using that setting would make skipping past commericals more difficult, but I guess you could change it as needed).


2) I don't know why, but I have just about never experienced that conflict, so to me I would prefer they focus on other issues.


3) Agreed. I don't care whether it is a new internal hard drive (care to bet how much the monthly cost goes up?) or allowing me to attach an external drive, but we really do need more space.


Ah well, hang in there, I think (hope) it will get better (and in 10 days it will be exactly 3 years of FiOS TV, so much better than the cable I had before that, or the satellite my son has...)


Verizon FiOS TV, Internet, and phone
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Keller, TX

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1) I too am hoping they dump FYI or at least force them to get their act in order.  What I was referring to when setting up the recurring recording is if a show is off the air while you want to set it up.  An example of this was "Heros".  Since there was no airings of this until the season premeire you had to wait until about a week before you could set it up.  Since the service is new to us shows that are not on currently you cannot find.  This is not that big a deal as it is only an initial setup and once they are in there it should be fine going forward.


2) The magnifier isn't that big a deal, but it is extremely annoying.  It takes up space on the screen which is not used very efficently to begin with.  My thought is if they can turn it on, they can turn it off and it would appear that a lot of people feel the same.  I would hope that Verizon is reading this board in order to address issues so I wanted to include that.





1) I do have 3 FF speeds as you do, but it is not a replacement for time markers in the show.  With my bedroom DVR I record shows that I watch right before I go to sleep so I often fall asleep while I am watching them.  Every night I have to find the place where I left off and am forced to FF through the show.  I agree with changing the skip button but I have it set for 30 seconds to get me past the commercials.  I do not know if the marker indicators are a trademark thing as I do recall something about Tivo having a patent or something and my wife said she used to have them on Time Warner but then they were removed.


It was just a super nice feature that I would love to see again.


2) The conflict issue only happened once thus far, but I have found that the more info on my Tivo was better.  It would say "The recorder has to change the channel in order to record "SHOW NAME".  That way you could see if it was worth chanigng and decide yes or no.  It is just a matter of providing more information on the screen - not a big deal.


3) The HD space is really the deal breaker for me.  I would really prefer the external drive route as a 1 TB drive can be had for cheap now.  I'm surprised that a company like Motorola could not get this figured out.  Moreover, my "multi-room" dvr is pretty much useless when it doesn't have the capacity to hold the shows for the whole house.  It's like buying a 2-seater car for a 4 person family.  😉  So now I am forced to spend another $15.99 per month on another DVR.


Oh, and another thing that kills me is that a DVR cannot display shows from the multi-room DVR.  That really sucks as I thought I would have 2x the space to record but now I have to record a lot of the same shows on both.  Duh.

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