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Guide posting from Anak

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Bronze Contributor I
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Guide posting from Anak

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I have taken your response, and split it apart in order to reply to you. Your response is in Italics, and my answer is not.


That delay you are referring to is not due to a problem within the remote. It's the boxes delay in responding to whats been sent to it. To fix that, press menu, then go to CUSTOMER SUPPORT, then IN HOME AGENT, then SET TOP BOX AUTO CORRECTION.

Answer: I tried the Set Top Box Auto Correction, and it did not work, the white buttons still have a delayed response in comparason to the rest of the buttons.


They don't even feel the same as the other buttons, like thick and harder to push, the others, light, and easy.



In order to show you what we are seeing I have attached a picture of the Guide as we see it. This Guide is the one that comes up when you push the blue Guide button above the white with blue arrow Direction buttons.


The channel we are watching is Channel 74, not 70 when I took this picture.



As far as the guide position goes it sounds like its working normal if I am understanding you correctly. When you pull up the guide, It will show 7 channels at a time.

Answer: As you can see we have only 6 channels showing.


 The first two are always the channels before the channel you are watching.

Answer: Okay, that part is right, only because there are two rows above the 3rd, But, we are watching channel 74, not 70


Then the 3rd row is the channel you are watching which is highlighted and bigger than the other rows.

Answer: That row is bigger, and highlighted, but again, the channel we are watching is Channel 74, not 70. Since the initial install the channel that is being watched has always been 1 or 2 rows below the 3rd row, and on occasion the Guide will open to the last channel with no channels below it.


Below that, is the 4 channels that comes after the channel you are on.

Answer: We only see 3 channels, I imagine that is because we only have 6 channels showing to begin with.


I tried sending you a snip to visualy affirm what we are seeing, but it won't pass so I deleted it.

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Bronze Contributor I
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Re: Guide posting from Anak

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I tried hiding the snip this time





FiOS Guide.JPG

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Bronze Contributor I
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Re: Guide posting from Anak

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This makes no sense, last night I tried hiding, then unhiding, and your forum would not allow my message to pass either here or as a PM.



What is the big deal about hiding or unhiding a snip?


It's just a snip, it's not like it involves national security.


I know of other Forums that won't allow non-members to view attachments, but come on, I am signed-in.

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Employee Emeritus
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Re: Guide posting from Anak

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Thanks for the posting of your trouble. I have taken that post and escalated it to our private support area so we can get additional account information from you . I have sent you a private message with the link on how to get there (I know you can't respond to my messages for some reason). Please post all correspondences back and forth from here on out on your private thread.


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Bronze Contributor I
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Re: Guide posting from Anak

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This has really stopped being funny.


I tried posting the support information with both my browsers FF11.0, and IE8, and I get this.


We're Sorry.JPG


Just got off the phone with enhanced support, their sending out a service tech at my request, and she agreed because I do not know how to dumb it down enough to  explain the guide problem to her.


She can't see the guide snip I posted?!? Here:

This link is two posts above this one, I can see it, why can't she?


All the version #'s etc. look good, but found out with a standard STB you only see 6 channels , not 7, as with a HD box.

When she said; Then your looking at what your supposed to, I went ballistic because she didn't hear a word I said about the channel watched is always two channels below the 3rd highlighted larger row. That's when I insisted she send out a service tech.

It'll surprise the hell out of me if this PM goes through without a hitch.

It didn't that's why I'm posting here.


Your forum wouldn't let me post this full PM message at first, but editing the we're sorry snip, and the link back in it would.

What's up with that?



We should be compensated for this aggravation.

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Bronze Contributor I
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Registered: ‎03-19-2012

Re: Guide posting from Anak

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I tried re-sending the PM. It would not go.

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