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HBO "not-subscribed" using HDhomerun cable card tuner

HBO "not-subscribed" using HDhomerun cable card tuner

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I've called support a few times about this and they confirmed that I'm subscribed to HBO but the follwing shows in the log:


19700101-00:00:00 System: reset reason = power on
19700101-00:00:01 CableCARD: M-CARD inserted
19700101-00:00:03 System: network link 1000f
19700101-00:00:04 CableCARD: Motorola card (0000:0625)
19700101-00:00:04 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication in progress
19700101-00:00:04 CableCARD: authentication status: authentication success, activation needed
19700101-00:00:09 System: ip address obtained: /
20121107-20:58:28 CableCARD: time changed from Thu Jan 01 00:00:15 1970 to Wed Nov 07 20:58:28 2012
20121107-20:58:31 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 899 (165MHz-670) access = not-subscribed


I can tune all other channels I'm subscribed to in Windows media center, and I have run the digital cable advisor/installed playready. I've called support a few times but it doesn't seem the phone techs are familiar or trained in activating cable cards, and if the logs above is correct I'm still not properly activated.


Thanks for any help!

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you should have gotten a letter about reactivating your cable card andit lets you do it online.  if you didn't then try a live chat and ask them to validate your cable card, make sure you have your host id, cable card id, and data id ready. they will need that. 


or call them if you can't get through on live chat. 800 VERIZON

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I called a few times and they said the card was activated, but I will try live chat and see if they can validate. Thank you for the suggestion.

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If they validate and don't ask you for your host id and stuff, then you can pretty much rest assured that they didn't do it right..

Not sure how to make sure they do it right, but its needed.  maybe have them deactivate the box and reactivate it with all of your info. 

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After spending an hour or so via the support chat option they decided to send me another cable card, and unfortunately the same problem persists. The HD Homerun software says Activation "none" even though I have been assured by Verizon that it has been activated.


I researched the issue on the manufacturers forums and found this post to be very similar to mine, and the solution being that since it is not a TIVO that it cannot be automatically activated and must be done "manually". Can someone from Verizon who knows what they are doing please contact me and get this fixed? Very fed up at this point.




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you gave them your host id and data and cable card ID ?  


did they write it down?  If they were trying to do it without it, then you'll be stuck.   I didn't notice you say anything about your host id etc. 


in fact next time you talk to them, ask them if they have it and if they can read it back to you.  


if they don't have it, or can't see it, then that is why you can't watch HBO.   They need your host id programmed in their systems. 

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I'm having the exact same issue here.  I have HD HomeRun with a M CableCard connected.  All stations work except the channels for HBO and Cinemax.  I spent over an hour on the line with Verizon tech support with 2 different advisors and no luck getting it resolved.  In fact, we looked at this thread here and tried the manual system and still no go for HBO and Cinemax.

Anybody have luck with this?  Please help. 

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if you go to channel 131 does it show you your current info like your data ID and cable ID and host ID?    



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I am having the same problem. I go to channel 131 and see the information channel. I did noticed that the status of the Cablecard is one way. I thought I read that it has to be two way for HBO to work?


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Problem resolved.  My issue was that it would say Subscription Required and then switch over to Activiation Required for all the HBO and Cinemax channels.


The message then gave me a statment that "Not digital cable ready".  So I have to make my Windows Media Center digital cable ready.  Did that by going to WMC menu, <Extras>, <Extras Galler>, <Digital Cable Advisor>.  Once I went through Didital Cable Advisor, I was able to get the HBO and Cinemax channels.


Here's a link that I found that addresses this:

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