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HD Box spontaneously turns off

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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HD Box spontaneously turns off

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Not sure if anyone else has posted this (I vaguely recall a post about this), but twice now in the past week my HD box has spontaneously powered off just when I begin to order a show via on-demand.


not only does it turn off, but there is no display on the box (not even the time), and stays off for about 2-3 minutes.  then, it displays "dui" on the box.  I mean, seriously, I have never been driving after drinking, let alone arrested for a DUI.


after the dui display, it then displays the dashes for the time, only then am I able to press the power button to turn on the box.


is my box resetting, and why does this happen at the most inconvenient times?


thanks for anyone that can help!


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Employee Emeritus
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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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Pls send me a pm - there is a history compiling here that needs to be addressed - appreciate yr cooperation - Thanks
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Copper Contributor
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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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I am having the same problem with my QIP7100.  I can't recall when it started, but it's certainly been happening for the past couple of months. I'd say more than once/week.  When I go into VOD, select something to watch (always a free program), and select Watch Now it resets.  We used to just have to wait for the STB to reset, but the last two times this has happened (both in the past week or two), it didn't complete the cycle properly.  You could watch TV, but VOD option gave an error message (can't recall it, but will write it down next time) and all of the information in the channel guide was empty.  It would claim it was being "loaded", but never did even after many hours or overnight).  Resetting the STB again did not clear the problem.  Both times I ended up rebooting the router and resetting the box to clear the problem and update the guide.


If it happens again and can get any more info, I'll pass it along.



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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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I'm having the same issue.  In fact, I thought the breaker had switched off to the plug.  But now I have the HD box plugged into the same power strip that powers the TV.  And just now, the HD box has turned off, but the TV and other items are still on.


This was while watching one of the HD channels. 


Any assistance would be appreciated.



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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I was having the same problem! I was only installed mid July and it started immediately.  I was also experiencing problems where it would just get stuck ... not move off the guide nor not move out of VOD, etc.  In the beginning when I'd call for assistance, the automatic assistant (non human) helped me. Finally, I spoke with a real person and found out that all my calls to the non human weren't being logged so until I had 3 "live" problems they wouldn't do anything.  Smiley Mad I figured I had a bad box and asked for a new one...nope, can't do that until you have more problems.  Smiley Surprised Well, the problems continued so I finally got a replacement box...unfortunately I have a dvr full of shows I have to watch (or lose) before I can replace the box.  At least I have 30 days...

I do have a dvr recorder to take shows off the box which I was doing through a STD box in another room...until today that is when my multi-room dvr stopped working.  I just don't understand why all the problems.


I had fios phone and internet for a year before i added tv.  Never had a problem with the net or phone so I just assumed the tv would be the same way.  Boy, was I wrong!  I had directv for over 4 years and never had any problems!   

I keep asking myself is the money I'm saving really worth all these problems???? 

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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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Has there been any solution for this?  My setup is doing the exact same thing.  At random times, most often when in the program guide, it will just freeze, and go through a spontaneous reboot.  Comes back up and works fine.  But frustrating and aggravating to say the least.  Have the HD Multi Room DVR in the basement and the HD STB in the Master Bedroom.

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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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When I first signed up with Verizon, one of my two STBs (Motorola 6416) would randomly reset.  There didn't seem to be much of a pattern; it would happen while watching live TV, VOD, or even when the box was "off" and recording (the recording would be in 2 parts, missing content of course). 


It took a few days, but placing a service call & having a tech come out to replace the box did the trick.  Same model, just different unit.

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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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Same problem here in Maryland.  The box seems to be stuck in some sort of loop.  I'm unable to get video out of it now.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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I have a QIP7100 and my wife had this happen many times also only when about to watch VOD shows.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: HD Box spontaneously turns off

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We had this problem before. And it would never turn back on for at least 20 minutes. Starts back up for about 2 seconds then turns off again. Also has a green screen before it crashes. Received a new box and works good so far.

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