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HD DVR Resetting Incessantly - OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

HD DVR Resetting Incessantly - OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Contributor Beau1k
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So...I have a 6000 series HDDVR...the thing is JUNK!  And guess what...I had to wait 3 months to get it!  When I first signed up they were out of stock so I had to slum it with SD for a while.


Well...I finally got the box and it's crap!  The whole deal....the programming - I get more off my built in ATSC tuner!  What a joke...I can't believe the lack of HD channels...it's embarrassing really.  With DirecTV having TONS of programming and this new Dish TURBO HD coming out and all...what's this "fiber revolution" they speak of???




The DVR keeps turning on and off...resetting itself constantly....sometimes once every few minutes, hours...sometimes 10x's in a row!!!


Guess what??  Tech support...they only people you can talk to when you are actually using your TV service - after business hours when you come home from work - CAN DO NOTHING!  Not only can they not fix the problem, because the problem is a broken box - which I have told them repeatedly - BUT...they cannot DROP SHIP me a new one!!!   I have to take time off of work to deal with my TV service!!???  What the hell is that?  They said: "sorry, we cannot send DVR's in the mail"...even though that's EXACTLY how I got this one!!!!  BUT...I had to call the sales department...and they sent it to me.


OVERALL:  NOT HAPPY with the service I'm getting AT ALL.


SIDENOTE:  I am an award winning custom home theater installation technician.  I will NEVER recommend this to ANY of MY customers.  Not until they take care of ME first. 

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Gold Contributor VII
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Sounds like the STB needs to be swapped out. Will they let you go to a pick up center to exchange the box?
Contributor Hohla01
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I had the same problem.  They sent me a new DVR and it would do the same thing, searching and searching for a connection...I would have to constantly reset it.  In the midst of recording the Olympic Opening Ceremonies it reset again and again.  So, they had to send me another DVR.  Now they can't even activate this 3rd DVR because in their system it says I have four DVRs when I only am paying for three so they are going to have to go into my account and resubmit information and that takes a week at least to set up and complete.  So here I am stuck with two DVRs that don't work and I have not been able to record any Olympic moments while I sleep.  Thanks Verizon. I think its time to dust off my satellite dish.
Contributor Beau1k
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There is no place where I can go swap the box out...of course.  They WILL NOT send a new box over the mail....I had to wait a few days for a weekend appointment to have a tech come out and do what I could do in a nano second. 


Well, finally the tech is here...he is replacing my box with a new one...we speculate that my first box was a refurb!  


I'll update after a few days...but my expectations are low at this point!! 

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Contributor Beau1k
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Registered: ‎08-14-2008
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**bleep** man...that sucks...I hope this DVR doesn't turn out that way.  I don't know why they don't acknowledge the problem and set us up with the 7000 series boxes!
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