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HD DVR Set Top Box (STB) Needs Regular Cold Boot Due to Lockup

HD DVR Set Top Box (STB) Needs Regular Cold Boot Due to Lockup

Contributor Pstreicher
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I wrote earlier about the box shutting off. But, after putting a UPS next to the Armoire and plugging the unit into it, it has cured that problem. Now, I'm finding every so often I have to do a cold boot as the box will just lock up. It's annoying to say the least. I want to suggest to Verizon to have the manufacture install a power switch somewhere on the front of the box so I don't have to reach around the left side and pull out the line cord plug each time and then plug it back in.

I would call in for a new unit but I have programs I've recorded that I haven't watched yet and some I might want to record to tape.


If you've ever wondered how to record to tape with your HD DVR STB, here's a trick. I found this out after several calls in to technical support and finally got a guy who knew what I wanted to do and how to do it. First you disconnect the HDMI cable from the box. Then you connect your yellow, red and white composite cables to the box and your recording device. You cannnot record out of the box with the HDMI cable installed. This one important fact is what stymied me from the git go. Okay, so go have fun today!

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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I have composite cables hooked to my DVR all the time and I never have a problem playing anything thru the HDMI connection.
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Bronze Contributor II
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Yeah, that is how I messed with PIP as well -- though I used a coax connection and hdmi.  It was the same picture of course since PIP isn't supported, but both connections sent the signal at the same time.
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