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HD DVR keeps shutting off

HD DVR keeps shutting off

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Location: Virginia
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At least once a week our HD DVR shuts off and resets by itself.  This is annoying in the middle of watching a program.  Anyone else have this problem?  If so, how did you fix it?  I really don't want to sit on hold forever with Tech Support.



Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hi 2golftoday,


Try this: unplug the coaxial cable and the power from the back of the set top box for 20 seconds. Replug the coax 1st, then the power. Let it reset. If it continues to reboot on its own, send me a personal message with the name, address, and number on the account. I will send a signal to it. If that doesn't help you may need a new stb.



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Location: Virginia
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I did as you suggested and am waiting to see if it resolves the problem. 


Thank you for your quick response!



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You also didnt mention what time this occurs. Many system updates to the STB's happen usually between 2-3am and many of these require the stb to reboot itself. Now this should not occur during prime watching hours. If it does, then the above suggestion should work for you. However if this happens in the early AM, then it may be just a system update and there is really nothing to do about this. Hopefully, the reboot takes care of it for you.


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Location: Virginia
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It usally happens during the day around 12:30 to 1:00 pm. 

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Location: stoughton, ma
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I am planning to sign up for verizon FIOS bundle by the end of August, when it become available for my residence and I wonder, as Verizon employee, do you have any idea when new 320G DVR will become available?

 I have a DirectTV DVR service with 100 hours of HD recording and current verizon DVR has only 20 hours HD recording. It's a joke! I would not switch to FIOS TV with this kind of DVR but I need FIOS internet, so I will switch anyway with a hope that new DVR is coming...



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We're all just users here not Verizon employees ... wishing the same thing, that Verizon will soon announce availability of a higher capacity DVR.   Occasionally a Verizon person might stop by, but I wouldn't expect them to say anything however even if they know if the information hasn't otherwise been publically announced.    The only alternative others have suggested in the interim is Tivo with a Cable Card instead of the Verizon DVR.

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make sure you have air space around it,if it get sto warm thermocouple shuts it down

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Good point VZTOM. It is August after all.


Anyone know at what temp the unit shuts off?

Motorola says it's good from 59 to 104 F, but where is that measured?

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Plan: Extreme HD DV /50/25
Location: SE Pennsylvania
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GaryDoug wrote:

Good point VZTOM. It is August after all.


Anyone know at what temp the unit shuts off?

Motorola says it's good from 59 to 104 F, but where is that measured?

Not certain, but usually that spec is for the ambient temp assuming proper ventilation (as specified by the manufacturer).


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