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HD STB: How do I make the guide show only the channels I pay for?

HD STB: How do I make the guide show only the channels I pay for?

Contributor jsrober
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I have the HD STB. I pay for the basic/standard TV service. The guide lists all the FiOS channels. How do I make it only display the channels I pay for?


Since I get many channels, I don't want to set up a Favorites list for ALL the channels I get. That would be a huge pain.



Gold Contributor III
Gold Contributor III
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Sorry, but the only way is to set up favorites to limit the displayed channels.


For more detailed instructions see Justin's post at the top of this board (and follow the link he provided).  Be aware that if you limit to a favorites list the guide won't "roll over" from the highest to lowest channel or vice versa.

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Contributor jsrober
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Thanks for your reply. That's horrible! What kind of **bleep** designed the system / built the box to work that way?!?!


I'm an Engineer and if I worked for Verizon or Motorola, I'd quit before I'd put my name on a product like this. I guess when you're a mediocre / braindead engineer you go to Verizon to work until you die.


It's crazy annoying to browse through the guide and many times be told that the channel isn't available. If the channel isn't available, don't freakin' show it in the guide! This isn't rocket science.


It's especially annoying because the service is so SLOOOW to display a channel. It takes 3 or 4 seconds when you click the guide before you see the message saying you don't get the channel.


Do they do this because they want you to get so annoyed that you just buy every channel? If so, they are real jerks!



Contributor dg_md
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Be thankful you do not have the digital converter box (I use this for the small form factor for a wall mounted TV in the bedroom).   With this box you can get hundreds of channels with NO channel guide, programming display, or channel info at all nor any ability to program favorite channels.  One must memorize channel numbers and the only way to know what program is on is to watch it until one can figure if it is of interest.  Ridiculous!   Comcast has the exact same box and they allow the channel guide access.  Verizon should pay me to use this box vs. the $4 per month rental charge.

Copper Contributor oceanexpress
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"Do they do this because they want you to get so annoyed that you just buy every channel?"


You bet - it is done purposely as a marketing strategy.  If all you ever saw was your subscribed channels you would be less likely to upgrade.


I attempt to get around this with the favorites.  One favorite list contains all SD channels.  The other contains all HD channels I can access.      the limitation IMO is only having 2 favorites lists.   I came from Dish Network and they supported 4 favorite lists going back at least 5 years ago.  we used all 4 and miss them.

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Platinum Contributor I
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that is one thing I miss about directv remote - they had a few presets for favorites,  like show me only the channels I get, or hd only, or movies and events only.    


justin's post is the best one to use to work the fios favorites,    its different, but it works well.

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