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HD Set Box & DVR Recordings Problems

HD Set Box & DVR Recordings Problems

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Today for the first time in the morning and this evening watching the Phonee Stones on AXS TV a great channel my set top box just went blank.  DVR recordings were gone stating "no recordings"!  Went through the steps of fi it manually but no avail.  After about 5-10 mins. and just blank TV screen.  Reset the box by unplugging power on back of box for about 30 seconds.  It reset and the DVR recordings are back Thank God..I need my Laker games! 


My Question? 1.   Why is it doing this?  Twice in one day  2.  Do I need a new Set Box?


Danny Mac

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 39
Registered: ‎09-22-2012
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Well since the problem on Monday of resetting the box at least 3 times I woke up Tuesday morning with the dreaded white light blinking on the box for 10 times then some numbers for about 5 seconds.  Sometime during the night it started except this time worse.  All morning a couple of resets and nothing and losing all recorded programs..84% wortth. 


Got on line with Verizon chat and spent 45 minutes chatting with service rep who basically gave me the troubleshooter chat I had already done myself.  She couldn't reset it and told me I'll send you a new box with no way of transferring the recorded programs.  I didn't even ask how long to deliver since I was so frustrated.  Call the local office here in P Town Cali and a rep said I need a new box come on down will get you one but he said do you want me to stop service on the box right now and you won't have to wait around the lobby when you get here..glad I never took the trip or suggestion.  Reset box again on Tuesday afternoon and know a secret of how to do it that isn't in the Verizon troubleshooting manual.  Box is still working here on Thursday afternoon with all recorded programs intact and no problem


So now I'm asking myself was it the Box or was it Verizon..kinda reminds me of the old commercial for Memorex tape and it looks like Will Ferrell singing.  I know the secret to resetting a "faulty" set top box..is it the Box or Verizon?


Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Glad it's working now. I would freak if that happened to me. But if I were you, I'd watch all the programs I cared about as fast as possible, then replace the old box with the new one on order. (They should give you up to a 30-day overlap before charging you for both.) Unless you know for sure why it wasn't working correctly, it might just be a matter of time before it goes down again.

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