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HD Set Box and Vizio TV

HD Set Box and Vizio TV

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I have a new Vizio HD TV and I have a new HD set top box.  The TV is connected to the box with an HDMI cable.  When I turn on the TV I get a Non-support message.  Then in about 5-10 minutes the screen goes blank and starts to pulse with a picture.  It flickers on and off for awhile and then if I am lucky it settles on a signal and I get audio and video.  I have been coping with this for a couple months.  I did report the problem on telephone and was sent a new set top box.  It does the same thing.  Today it will not settle at all just flicks on and off and you get blimps in both audio and video.  THIS IS VERY ANNOYING.  


What should I do??  What I really would like is a technician to come to the house and fix this problem.  All the other TVs work including the HD DVR box in the living.  The TV works fine with the DVD player so the TV is working. It appears to be an incompatibility between the box and the TV.

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try the resolution settings, it sounds like you're tv doesn't like the resolution coming out of the cable box. 


so go to menu > settings > system info and then select video format


change that to 720p

and then go to SD override,   I like to set mine to off, but the issue here is not what I like, but instead what you're TV likes, so experiment with this setting.    In order I would try it with OFF, then 480i, then 480p and last should be stretch, 


see if that helps.

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If Hubrisnxs's suggestion doesnt help, there are a couple other things you can try. It sounds like you have the HDMI handshake error that has affected many people the last few years.


The first thing to do is go to the Vizio web site and see if there is a firmware update for your TV. Hopefully Vizio has addressed the problem and has a firmware upgrade for you. If so, update the firmware and hopefully that will take care of it.



If all else fails, you will need to connect the TV/STB via Component cables (RED, GREEN, BLUE) rather than the HDMI. You wont loose any picture quality, you will still get the same resolution that HDMI gives you.  In almost every case the problem will go away with these cables instead of HDMI. Verizon keeps updating their software and have fixed the issue with most TV's but there are still a few out there having issues. Unfortunatly, there is nothing a Verizon tech would be able to do. This is a compatibility issue between the TV and STB. The TV manufactures have even admitted that it is their issue and most have put out updates to try and fix but there are still a few with issues. The component cable fix is the only option in many cases.


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Thank you to Spacedebris.  I went to the three colored cable alternative and I now have a picture and audio.  This has been an ongoing problem for three months so thank you so much. The other responder was helpful as well but a bit more high tech than I could handle.  Thanks for your help



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I had the same issue occur today (5-28-11) .. I was watching HD tv on my VIZIO tv and went to press the On Demand button.  It seemed not to work so I held it down for about 5 seconds.  It started to convert over to On Demand and then the screen went green.  Like others, I could still hear the sound, but the screen was entirely green.  When I changed the tv setting to Cable, regular tv was OK, but then if I went back to HDMI, it was green.  We turned the DVR and tv off and back on, to no avail.  What finally helped was unplugging everyhing for about 5 miutes and then plugging it all back in, letting it reset normally.  Luckily, when it re-booted it was OK.  Crossing my fingers that this doesn't become a normality. 

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