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HD Set Top Box Will Not Boot Up

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Bronze Contributor II
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HD Set Top Box Will Not Boot Up

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I have an HD set top box that will not boot up apparently.  Last night I was doing a search using the online guide and the STB shut down without any action on my part.  I tried to turn it back on but still it would not.  I unplugged the STB thinking it would re-boot but after the initial 8888 display and the du1 (or whatever that is) came on all I would get after that was 4 dashes and the colon for the time.  the time never displayed and I was not able to get the STB to come on and display any channels, just the 4 dashes.  I am away from the TV now but thought I would ask the community if they had any of these symptoms and render advice before I go home tonight and get in the long waiting queue to call Fios support.  Thanks!

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Re: HD Set Top Box Will Not Boot Up

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If you are getting just the four dashes, then there are two possibilities. 


One is the box has a strong SNR number and is not making contact with the vZ network. 

Solution.  reboot the router, wait for the internet light to connect, and then reboot the STB (unplug it 15 seconds and turn it back up)


second problem is that you don't have a strong SNR number and that is causing the stb not to make contact with the vZ network.

Solution. Disconnect the coax cable from both ends (wall/splitter and also at the STB, and physically reconnect them nice and securely.


If it still doesn't come up then it might be a cabling issue if it's just the one box that is affected. 


To make sure it's a cabling issue and not a bad set top box, you could take the set top box to a working location and connect it there.  If it turns on just fine, then it's a cabling problem, you can either replace the cable or have verizon come out and work on it. 


If it doesn't work fine there, then it's a bad cable box and you would ask verizon to send you a new one. 


Use the live chat link on the Contact Us page or call Verizon at 1.800.VERIZON



If you want to check your SNR number (should be above 32dB) then use the front panel of the set top box and hit power ok ok or power select select (1/2 second intervals and each button one at a time)  Navigate to d05 or d04 (in band status) and then you'll see the number.  if it's below 32 that is a loose cable or bad signal cable.  

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