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HD channels - Jagged and stairsteped edges

HD channels - Jagged and stairsteped edges

Contributor texneus
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Noticed in the past week or so that several (but not all) 1080i HD channels appear as if they were poorly upconverted SD channels, are missing scan lines, or the interlaced fields are sent in reverse order.  Very obvious on channel logos which appear jaggy or and have dark lines through them, but also quite easy to spot as a stair step pattern on any diagnal line in the picture.


Sample images can be found here:  It appears this is a nation wide phenomena (I'm in zip 75077, many others in this link are in the northeast):



Another person in PA apperently reported this in the programming forum with no followup:



Channels that are affected that I have observed (all 1080i HD):

Animal Planet

BBC America

Science Channel

Discovery Channel


There may be others that I don't regularly watch or do not recieve.


Thank you!

Contributor johnnyzero2
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I've noticed the exact same thing for about the last 2 weeks. I Googled it and came across this post & several others regarding the same issue.


I'd call it "stair-stepping" or "aliasing"; perhaps a problem with improper interlacing/upscaling. It's most noticeable with white text on a dark background, and especially on the little channel logo in the lower-right corner of the screen.


As others have mentoned, it appears to only occur on 1080i TV's; the same channels look fine on my 720p TV.


One other channel to add to the list: DestinationAmerica HD (channel 668 on my system).


It's amazing that Verizon hasn't addressed (or even aknowledged) this problem. Heaven knows we pay enough for FiOS every month to have access to alleged "HD" channels.


Come on Verizon - get it together!

Contributor johnnyzero
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As of today (7/9/14), this issue seems to be resolved. Verizon must have fixed it on their end.

Contributor eddiealb
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This problem is still present on long island (VHO5) and it's still just as annoying.

Contributor JBP07079
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I am seeing this exact issue on BBCA and Discovery hd in northern NJ, zip 07079. Glad I searched, I just got VMS/quantum and thought it was a hardware issue, which would have put me over the edge to return quantum until they get more of the bugs worked out. Are others still seeing the aliasing as of today, 7/18? Thanks!

Contributor jllogan
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I am seeing the same thing in Northern, VA FiOS, as of today. It seems to only affect channels owned by Discovery Communications. A Google search turned up the same problem at other cable companies: the interlaced lines are reversed. See https://support.dish.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10174 for more.


What's the best way to report this with the least amount of effort so it gets fixed?


[Edit: I also see this on BBC America, so it's not only Discovery Communications' channels. It does not happen on the majority of 1080i broadcasts, though.]

Copper Contributor SG23
Copper Contributor
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I am the OP of the other thread referenced earlier in this thread. Just posting here to say I still have this problem here outside Phila. PA.

Most people don't notice the problem because they just don't notice it or can't see it on their equipment or have their sets adjusted to soften edges or whatever.

There are similar reports on other carriers, as noted above on Dish and here also:

Copper Contributor SG23
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-21-2011
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This problem is still not resolved for me. No change.
Contributor johnnyzero
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Registered: ‎03-16-2011
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I spoke too soon in my earlier post. Still happening here in NY metro area (Hudson Valley).


I hope Verizon straightens this out at some point. I just got done writing out another $170 monthly check for all this wizz-bang FiOS "HD" programming.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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This isnt just a Verizon issue. Brighthouse customers are seeing the same problems so it is a network issue from Discovery Communications.

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