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HELP - Remote DVR support group service failure!

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HELP - Remote DVR support group service failure!

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Complete and absolute frustration !

Since a router change in June, I have had no access to remote DVR via the web, or other outside access functions such as from the Android app etc.  The website claimed that I was not using a Verizon router.  I do have an odd set up with two Verizon routers; One handles the main connection for business class internet service into which a second router plugs into a port on the primary and manages the video services.

Note: The only reason I have business class service is that I want static IP address and an open port 80.  This is a Verizon policy, not technical issue, which forces this set up.

I decided to invest the time this week to try to get the remote DVR functions resolved.  I called Wednesday evening and spent 3 hours on the phone with a tech checking things, opened a remote session to play with router settings, etc...  Good efforts but no success.  An escalation ticket was opened with the "Remote DVR Group".

Received a message Thursday from DVR group stating they needed me at home to continue the diagnostic.

Called at 10:00 AM Friday to work with them.  Can not reach anyone in that group.  They apparently do not have phones!  They only work tickets.  Told the rep to note the ticket that I would be available at 2:00 PM for them to call me.

No call at 2:00.  Called support back again.  Nothing they can do.  Escalated to supervisors, etc.  No help.  Went through webchat support.  Still no help.  All I ever get was "I am sure they will call shortly".  Nope!

Saturday.. They called my cell while I was out.  Tech seemed annoyed I wasn't standing by my TV at home 24/7 just waiting for his call.  I arranged for a call at 2:00 PM.  They actually called at 2:23 (good).  All he had me do was to reboot the box a couple of times a run the self-diagnostics again.  Said the reboot would trigger a couple of hour delay while the box was fully reregistered on their system.  Arranged for a call back at 5:00. (I asked for an inbound number to call, but was refused)

No call at 5:00 or anytime since.  Called support number again.  Same "no help" results as expected.  But I should definitely expect a call by 9:00 PM.  No call came in of course.  I asked the rep what happens when the level of service commitment expired at 9:53 PM.  Surprisingly, she said that often they just close the ticket !!!

It is now Sunday, no call, LOS has expired.  The ticket still appears to be open when I check online. (Ticket # {edited for privacy}in case Verizon is reading this)

I have no hope or path for resolution at this point......  Any suggestions???


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Re: HELP - Remote DVR support group service failure!

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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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