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HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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Re: HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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I'd have to ask TNS to decline comment any more in the future. As only a Verizon customer and not a Verizon employee, I do not believe you have any right to comment on the widespread problems that other customers are facing. Also, your experience does very little to satisfy those of us who are indeed experiencing problems. 


We (those who are currently experiencing on-going problems) come to this forum to try and get our problems resolved, not to have someone tell us how much they like their service.


For everyone else on this forum, I've followed through by canceling my subscription. As of tomorrow I will be on DirecTV and I couldn't be happier. They have similar program, and are offering ridiculous incentives to join right now. For you sports fans, this is free NFL sunday ticket (all games in HD by the way). I've been thinking about leaving for the sports packages for a while now (still not sure why Verizon can only offer SD sports packages) but this upgrade SNAFU the final straw. I couldn't be happier now.


I strongly encourage everyone to voice their opinion by leaving Verizon and joining DirecTV!!!

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Re: HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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I am having the same problems as everyone else. My brand new 7216 HD DVR box is running very sluggish now after this upgrade, also I have to reset the box once a box because the box will freeze randomly. Also I have a SD box that does not freeze, but everything from changing channels to browsing through the guide has become a chore, the box runs sooooo slow that it has become unusable.


This is not the first problem I have had with Fios boxes, I previously had the 6xxx series HD DVR box and had nothing but problems with them. Calling tech support only got me an employee reading off a computer telling me to reset my box.....getting me nowhere. I am very disappointed.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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@telebears wrote:

Anyone else experience major pains after this upgrade? The DVR have been horrible since the upgrade last week:


-Every day I come home and my DVR loses it's DVR functionality. Any DVR functions (view any of my recorded shoes, pausing/rewinding live TV, even just pressing the DVR button) will give me an error saying I have to call customer service. Since this happens every day, I have learned I just have to unplug the box for 3 minutes. EVERY FREAKIN' DAY!


-The performance is horrendous. It's like the box is out of memory and just chugs along. If it were a comptuer, I"d reboot it but there's nothing I can do. Watching recorded shows or live tv is unbearable. 


If this keeps up, I'm seriously considering canecling my service for someone else. My tv is not un-watchable. 


I wonder if it is just me or if this is a system wide problem with the upgrade. 

Actually I have had the oppostie experience, I find the 7232 DVR to be much better with 1.9. I think it is you box that is the issue. I also like the HD guide (though the colors are horrendous, was the person picking them colorblnd!?!?!). Now the problem I have is with my 6200 and 2500 boxes, 1.9 is absolutely TERRIBLE on those, the SD guide absolutely sucks, when I click on the program listings it NEVER takes me to the channel I am watching, it is always 2-4 channels off.  The response is extremely SLOW and on the 2500 I have to hard reboot at least every other day because the box is stuck.


1.9 for my 7232 is a big thumbs up, 1.9 for my 2500 and 6200 is a big thumbs DOWN.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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I am not and never been a Verizon employee.  And this forum is peer to peer not really a forum for you to get answers from verizon employees.


But  my Poll is still running 4 to 1 as thinking the upgraded guide was an improvement. 


Telebears description of his boxes problems sound more like a box that either is bad or some how took the download of 1.9 bad.  To fix, if he doesn't really want to follow through with switching services, probably means getting Verizon to replace the box.  I.e follow though with one of the verizon "contactus" options.

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Re: HORRIBLE experience after upgrade rolled out

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For the first few days of 1.9, my boxes were a little bit slower.  This was more the case for my STB than my DVR.  Right now, everything is working fine.  I don't have a problem with seeing the GUI either.  It was hard to find information at first, but that is because I wasn't used to the new format.  I don't find the upgrade to be miles ahead of 1.8, but has a few nice improvements.



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