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Having problems with FSC HD 584

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Registered: ‎08-21-2012

Having problems with FSC HD 584

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This channel is rarely available to me and when it is, it's very pixelated.  The rest of my HD channels work just fine.  Do I have to really replace my wiring for one channel?  Will you guys at Verizon do something about it?    

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Re: Having problems with FSC HD 584

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Do you have a cable card, or are you using the standard Verizon-issued set top boxes?  I ask because I never had a problem with FSCHD prior to switching to a cable card, but now that I have a cable card (for the last 6 months or so), I have had issues with both FSC HD and FUSE HD.  Apparently these channels are both coming in at 69 mHz, which is one of the lowest (if not the lowest) frequencies, and is prone to signal noise due to faulty splitters/wiring/etc.


FSCHD comes in for me, but every 30 seconds or so there is a hiccup, followed by some pixelation, but it catches back up a second over the course of a 90 minute match I see 180 screen hiccups/pixelations/audio cut-outs.  Pretty annoying.


I've checked every line and tightened everything, even running 100 foot cable up the basement stairs directly to my tuner, bypassing splitters and other cables, and still have the issue.


Next thing to check/replace is the ONT.  It's doubtful Verizon will come out and replace that for free, but I'm willing to pay a little to get this fixed.





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Re: Having problems with FSC HD 584

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You are not the only one.  I was originally having pixilation and sound issues about 3 months back but now i just receive a 'channel not available' message.  I have tried everything.  Replaced cables, splitters, tightened connections but no dice.  Had a tech here yesterday to investigate further.  He replaced the cable box (Cisco), splitters, and even the ONT but to no avail.  He eventually finds out that there is apparently some sort of service outage in my area that was effeting this channel (not sure how true this is though).  Later in the evening a local supervisor calls to tell me this is a nation-wide issue with the Fox Soccer Channel on Fios.  Again, i don't know how true this is.


Long story short, I'm without the channel for about 3 months now and i have no clue what Verizon is doing about it on a local or national level.  I've seen other comments about this via google searches and it seems to stem from the 69mhz frequency the channel broadcasts on.  I also learned that Fuse HD also broadcasts on this frequency and i am not receiving that channel either.


I recommend calling sales to get credit applied to your account.  If there is nothing being done about this, then you shouldn't be paying for channels that you do not receive.


Hopefully something will be done eventualy.

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Re: Having problems with FSC HD 584

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Any change on FSCHD? I get the channel in northern NJ, but with heavy pixelation. I've been fighting VZ for four months for a fix, but several tech visits have resulted in nothing. 


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