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Having to reset set-top box

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Re: Having to reset set-top box

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Meat Chicken - Thanks for the information. This is my first time with HD television service. I had cable in my house (Family and Basic Cable) for 32 years. One thing also I am thinking of putting on my TV is Blu-Ray disc player. Movies should

look awesome on my TV. Take care and again thanks for the info.



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Re: Having to reset set-top box

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Yowzer!    By scanning the forum tonight, I just discovered in this thread that there was actually a FIX for the lag time between SD and HD !     Smiley Surprised  And being new to HD and digital tv, I assumed the lag time was a natural phenomenon.  Thanx for the fix to the "SD override."   The lag was driving me kuhRAYzee !    But this move has accomplished more than you know..... More than I knew!   I had another [presumably unrelated] problem which I had assumed was just the result of purchasing a lesser quality flatscreen tv.   




Backtracking just a bit.... a few months ago, when we had analog cable, upon the demise of our old 300 pound analog tv (and in anticipation of Digital TV just around the corner) we opted to replace the relic with a new-fangled HD LCD Flatscreen TV (though we opted for one of the cheaper models).  But I digress.  Being tempted weekly with fios mailings, we were convinced to take the plunge and try the bundle now, rather than wait until '09, taking full advantage of our digital/HD/TV investment and the FIOS specials.   However, as beautiful as the HD channels were (and are), we were hounded by a weird inconvenience with our new Sanyo TV.  The tv remote had a feature we didn't quite understand until we switched to [digital/hd] FIOS.  You see, the tv remote had a weird 4-setting button..... Picture 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Picture 1 - had the black bars on the side.... on SD channels (is that 4:3?).  But when we switched to HD channels, we had to revert to Picture 2 (to get full HD) or the images were "squished".  It was so annoying using the TV remote to switch the picture back and forth manually from Picture 2 to Picture 1 and back (btw, 3 and 4 were so oversized, most of the content was lost ... beyond the tv frame.)


Anyway.....The SD override has not only corrected the several second lag-time between SD and HD, we no longer have to MANUALLY change the picture. DUH!   I swear.... I read that Sanyo TV manual front to back and back to front, but could find no explanation for the problem.  I just figured it was a quirk of the model.  But now, having completed the "fix" described in this thread (SD override)  I assume that the STB automatically converts the signal to the correct picture size.  Whatever I did, it worked.  SCORE~! 


thankyouverymuch. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Having to reset set-top box

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@TVee wrote:

.... I read that Sanyo TV manual front to back and back to front, but could find no explanation for the problem.... 

Ah, but see, there is your problem, you did not turn the manual up side down and read it while standing on your head... Smiley Very Happy


It is always good to hear when someone is more satisfied after experiencing that kind of frustration..


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