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Help? Verizon has no idea what's wrong..

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Help? Verizon has no idea what's wrong..

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I'm trying to get some of these issues resolved before my 1st month is up..  Verizon doesn't have any idea what's going on. In 2 weeks, I've gone through 2 STBs and today a tech replaced the box (ONT?) inside the garage.  


I won't go over the larger internet, phone or some of my TV problems because I need to give the new ONT a chance.  However, I have other strange issues that may just be annoyances, but I'd at least like to know if these are across the board bugs that I just need to deal with, or things that should be working.  


Keep in mind that I have had my STB refreshed by Verizon on a few occasions, and I've rebooted it numerous times, I've gone through the In-Home Agent (worthless).  I've had 2 techs out since the original installation who couldn't find anything wrong.

Like I said though, at this time I'm not mentioning the big problems until at least a few days go by, just mainly annoyances for now.


My biggest concern is that these smaller problems are indicative of major problems that won't show up until after my trial period is over.


I have a Cisco CHS 435HDC


1. FIOS TV remote DVR (Mobile) - I have already gotten the PIN and entered it into the Android App.  However..

Under Menu/Settings.. 

Mobile phone access says:  

            Awaiting authentication.  Authenticate by entering the following confirmation code into your mobile device.  WHERE???  How do I get it to authenticate?  I've deleted and re-added....never completes authentication.



2. VOD - I am unable to add a bookmark.  After the last box was installed, I was able to do so, but it stopped working last week.  I get an error:

VOD request has timed out due to a network issue.  Please try again later. [VOD_207]

Selecting Troubleshoot, no issues were found, it tells me to call a specific number and enter quick code 8631.  This just tells you to reboot the router, which was done.


3. I lose sound in VOD after about 4 seconds.  If I go deeper into the directory structure, then go backwards to a certain point, the sound comes back for about 4 seconds then goes silent again.  It will keep doing this, for instance if I'm looking at the info on a movie, then go back to the directory..sound for 4 seconds, then nothing.  It can get annoying.  (No, I don't really need to hear anything when in VOD, and yes, I can just mute the sound so I don't know it goes in and out..it's just annoying) 



4. There are some widgets I am unable to add to MyWidgets.  Switching STBs actually changed which widgets I couldn't add, although The Weather Channel couldn't be added on either of them.

ERROR: We are currently unable to process your request. Please try again later.



5. Clock slows down over a short period of time, so after a while I start missing the end of my recorded shows.  It can be fixed for a short while with a refresh from Verizon, so I guess I'd have to do this every week or 2?.  That's not an acceptable workaround, especially considering I'd be waiting on hold for 10 minutes or more each time.  I tried setting all my recordings to stop recording a minute later, but I run into problems with that, and I'll miss some shows altogether.

Does anyone know if they are trying to fix this?  Can't they just point everything to a Time Server?  I know, I'm sure it's not that easy, but still.



I really want to like FIOS, but I'm seriously considering going back to Comcast, which I never thought I'd do.


I know this is too much information, and if you got through all of it, THANK YOU! If you are able to help me, as well, then you also get my undying gratitude!






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Re: Help? Verizon has no idea what's wrong..

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Hi Andrea,

Sounds very familiar...to my experience.  I encourage you to keep at it ("the greasy wheel that gets the grease"-"we don't have a history of you calling"-->there's no problem) and don't let the 1st-line of tech support follow the scripts to get by ("another call closed"): turn this off, wait 30 secs, turn it back on, whatever "it" is.  Agree with you on the "in-home agent".  Escalate it...and see how many beyond the 1st line supervisor will call you back.  Good luck! 

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Re: Help? Verizon has no idea what's wrong..

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Thanks, I appreciate the support.  I did leave a message for someone who can hopefully get me in touch with someone in tech support who actually listens to what I'm saying instead of, "It must be the STB, I'm sending you another one..."   The worst part is when they send a tech, and getting a window of 8am-9pm. I will definitely get myself escalated to a higher tier of support.  

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