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Home Media DVR Recording Hours

Home Media DVR Recording Hours

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We just got our FiOS TV installed yesterday. We've been given a 6416 DVR. We've recorded 4 hrs SD so far, and our disk shows 10% full. My simple math tells me we'll only get 40 hours. We've come from a Dish Network DVR where we had 100 hours and easily filled that! Verizon web site says you get an 80 hour DVR. Motorola's website says the 6416 has 120 hrs digital, 20 hrs HD, and 40 hrs analog. We can see the hard drive in the DVR says 160 gig. So, are we recording in analog, and if so, can we change it? And why would it be analog? Did we get an old box? Anybody have any thoughts?


I will call Verizon when customer service is open.



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The hard drive only knows how to record digital (there isn't even an analog tuner in the DVR and most - if not all - areas now have no analog signals).  I'm afaraid you are stuck with the 160G drive as it is not currently upgradeable and the correct number is about 20 hours of HD Smiley Sad  One of the major shortcomings of the Verizon DVR.


There is talk (rumor) of enableing the E-SATA port (on units that have it) maybe, sometime in the future (rumor is by middle of 2009 - but I stress it is only a rumor).

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Thanks for your reply!


That's what I thought about the analog vs. digital stuff (I was sure we should be recording in digital).


We are not recording in HD, only in SD. So, we should get either the 80 hours advertised on Verizon's web page, or the 120 hours of digital stated on the Motorola webpage for the 6416 model.


Today with 8 hours recorded, my disk shows 15% full. Now if I extrapolate from here I'm figuring slightly more than 50 hours total. Yesterday I would have expected 8 hours to be 20%. I guess the increase in percentage usage is not going to be a straight line. I guess I'll see how many hours I have when I'm at 20%.


Did anybody notice any of this trending?



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Count yourself lucky.


I recorded 3 hours of 1080i and my capacity say's I'm 33% full or about 9 hours total.


This sucks!!

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