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How come need to restart or reset STB to watch TV in almost every two days?

How come need to restart or reset STB to watch TV in almost every two days?


As subject, is my STB broken can I get a new one?

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Hello andchang74,


Make sure all wires are securely attached to the set top box. Perhaps your coax cable is loose or damaged. Try replacing it with a known good coax cable.


Are there any other noticeable symptons? (i.e. ghosting, pixel images, image lags)


Can you try replacing the set top box with a known good set top box?
 (That's if you have two)


I think Verizon might be able to send you a working one without charge if you return the damaged one back.

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andchang74 wrote:

As subject, is my STB broken can I get a new one?

It's difficult to answer your question without some basic information like what symptoms are happening, are you restaring the STB or is it restarting itself, etc. 


Add me to that list of constant resetting of STB

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At least five different problems that can cause this.


Bad wiring,


Bad power.


Bad router.




Bad STB.


You CAN probably only work to fix the first two on your own.


mine does this several TIMES a DAY! Unfortunately during recording at times. grrrr!

 No loose wires.

I have a similar problem. If I leave my dvr on one channel for too long, I eventually get a black screen. I can get the picture back by simply changing channels. The more frustrating problem is that I can't watch any recorded programs. The dvr says the program is playing, but it stays on the current channel. During this error, the stb won't record any programs. The only way to fix it is to reset the stb. Once reset it works fine for a while, but the problem eventually comes back. Any one have a permanent fix other than having the dvr replaced?
My DVR froze up and Verizon sent another box. This new DVR is resetting automatically every couple of minutes. It started out resetting a few times a day, but now just repeatedly resets. Another new box on its way. Any possibility it's not the box?
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