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How do I get 16:9 Apsect Ratio for all chennels?

How do I get 16:9 Apsect Ratio for all chennels?

Copper Contributor goalpost
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Yes I do have that box.

However the support individual said I do not need to gain acces to that menu and. it is not used at this time. Yet everyone on teh blog  here says  thay use it


Thus  my battle with Verizon




Contributor Chrisd0220
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Big Thanks to Joe01880!!! I had this problem since I upgraded to my HD DVR, I remember I had to do that with my old Comcast (NEVER going back by the way!)... I followed Joe's step by step instructions and it worked like a charm! I now remember how to fix this glitch that was driving me crazy!!

thank you so much!  FORUMS DO WORK.

Copper Contributor Snobeeler
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I have a 7100 and 7216 STB. I cannot get to the setup screen. Called tech support and they could not answer why either. Then they asked why I wanted to get to that screen, at which point I gave up. Any other tricks than turning off the STB  and pressing the Menu button?


Copper Contributor ericpd
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Uhm,... why not just pound on the aspect button near the bottom of the remote until you get the screen to fill up most comfortable to your eyes? Unless I'm missing sumptin, that would be more advantageous than having one ratio defaulted in,... right? I've tried it and it won't let you change it,.. it's burned in. Not all programming looks the best stretched, or zoomed,... sometimes it's case by case to get the best picture on the screen. Well at least in my case. But, as a new FiOS sub, I'd much rather see the light or dark gray safety pillars to help put the brakes on screen burn-in. How do you get the HD DVR Multi-Media STB to throw them up. That's the question that's got me scratchin' all my hair out. My DirecTV HD DVR made doing this simple, but I don't see that option on the FiOS box. Also,... why can't I find a 5.1 Dolby option on this thing. Guess that for another thread.



Copper Contributor Snobeeler
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Figured Mine Out. STB 7100 and 7216. You can get the video settings menu by hitting Menu on the remote with STB on. Scroll down to Settings, press OK, and scroll down to Video settings.
Contributor aloop
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I hit select them menu and set up screen comes on the immediately goes blank
Copper Contributor jimd
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Thanks for the post. It took me 30 seconds to change to STRETCH. I just couldn't find it in the manuals.
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